Great Content Marketing Strategies always Mean Business: By Edward De Valle

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The explosion in content over the last decade has also seen gurus and experts waxing eloquent on how best to sell content and the ways to deliver that important message. No matter how content is packaged and delivered, the bottomline still remains the same: whether good or bad, content that means business is what one should aim to create and distribute.

“While content delivered for marketing can take a wide variety of forms, from customer stories to fictional set ups, one should keep in mind the simple fact that we are doing this only to market products so that consumers can make the best decision. Content marketing strategies should not therefore shy away from selling,” says Edward De Valle.

It is easy to see what mistakes content marketers are making today that prevents their content from being effective in increasing sales and creating a return on investment.

The headline is the heads-up moment for busy online readers, and neglecting this can be fatal at worst. So without sensationalism and keeping the trust of the reader, content creators should devote more time to getting the headline ready to receive clicks on its own merits. Content will of course follow as usual.

The body of the content, when it is text, also needs a re-structuring for the new age reader, who could be traveling or occupied with another task while browsing. There are ample techniques of content structuring available today that can make blogs, articles and marketing material readable from several points of views. No wonder some platforms display the average reading time as a metric below their articles.

Content marketers are also liable to forget the audience characteristics, and the impact of this can be huge. After all, the Millennials are really different from the older generations, and just the wrong choice of words can put the older generation off as well. It is also common for writers to be self-absorbed and write from their own business perspective rather than that of their clients.

Embedded content today is everywhere, and ignoring it is to ignore the majority of internet users. After all, online visitors are as diverse as the forms of content available for embedding. Some like to read embedded documents, some are here for videos, some want to hear a podcast, while some want to see enlarged infographics. It is not just text and information that matters, but also the medium used to deliver them.

“Content marketers need to be smart for the new generation of readers, and avoid the mistakes made in the past when the audience was on its way to becoming mature. Today, we must know what medium to utilize to promote what kind of content to be really effective in capturing the audience attention,” says Edward De Valle.

In content marketing, new sales and marketing horizons are always opening up, and the last few years have seen the rise of new ways to connect and influence. Edward De Valle  Marketing & Public Relations expert acts as consultant’s to assist clients and develop market insights, and what works or doesn’t work. The offerings in this field include developing innovation capabilities, new product development, market development strategies, customer relationship management, and product profitability analysis.

For content marketers, Edward De Valle  has a full deck of offerings for digital marketing and has worked on campaign strategies to bring in traffic that matters and create conversations. Some of the offerings in this field include e-mail and contextual marketing, pay per click, SEO and social media, banner network ads and geo-tracking. Content creation by Edward De Valle  ‘ teams is an organized process, that includes research, analysis, data collection, organization and writing, followed by editing. The offerings include blogs, newsletters, press releases, brochures and digital magazines, websites and documentaries.

Edward De Valle has emerged as a major player in the consultation world of marketing communications to global C level executives due to his teams ability to give a voice to their client’s vision. Since its strategies are geared towards return on investment, its team has gained expertise in executing marketing plans that bring revenue and deliver results by combining both traditional and new media. As a research oriented and forward thinking agency, Edward De Valle and his team are able to generate remarkable results for their clients in a wide range of industries.

About Edward De Valle

After graduating college, his career began at GE as the Marketing Manager for GE Power Systems Latin America. He then became Director of Sales for group publisher IPG, and manage all sales and marketing for Newsweek, Vogue, Glamour, Discover, Men’s Fitness, Prevention, Teen and Architectural Digest for both the U.S. Hispanic and Latin America markets.

Drawing from that experience, De Valle then founded AMGW Agency, an Americas-focused digital, advertising and public relations company in 2001. His global perspective contributed to his desire to provide marketing strategies to real estate developers, hoteliers and luxury brands on a worldwide scale.

After having much success with his own marketing and communications company he set of to do what he always wanted to do, which was to become — a serial entrepreneur.

In 2012 he purchased the franchise “Douglas Elliman Real Estate” for representation in the Dominican Republic.

In 2013 he made a deal with Forbes Magazine in New York and was later awarded the honored to own the license to publish Forbes in Central America and the Caribbean.

In 2015 De Valle founded LINKS with a goal of providing clients with high-impact, intelligent and innovative solutions in the marketing world.

From 2001-2017 A special passion for real estate marketing has led him to become one of America’s top marketing, and communications professional’s to help developers sell new developments.

Edward De Valle has marketed more than $15 billion of residential and vacation real estate projects for many of the world’s most prominent developers and architects, including Roger Staubach, Andres Balaz, Richard Meier, Zaha Hadid and Armani.

In 2017 he secured the license to build alongside the development company Grupo Zagalo the first-ever yoo Studio by Phillipe Starck project ever to be constructed in the Caribbean. Today his regional Caribe LINKS office manages the sales and marketing with brokerage Ankrom Group.

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