Introducing the BlissStreamer, An Innovation in the World of Fragrance

A variety of scents are everywhere throughout life, so why shouldn’t a home be filled with pleasant ones? Here to do just that is the BlissStreamer, providing fragrance for the modern world.

A whiff of the right scent often positively impacts a person’s mood, enabling them to put their best foot forward and tackle the day. Similarly, pleasant and consistent aromas are perfect for building memories and a sense of home wherever a person goes. In turn, many people around the world have begun using incense candles and sticks as a way of making any area feel more homely. However, these quick remedies come with a plethora of problems. Lighting candles can be a bother and a fire hazard and leave users with no control over the intensity of the scent. What’s more is that these forms of incense are often bulky, delicate, and difficult to customize.

Here to provide a digital-age solution to this challenge of creating pleasant fragrances safely and conveniently is a new product by the name of BlissStreamer. The BlissStreamer is a flameless and compact fragrance system that is powered electronically. With a high-efficiency silent fan pushing air through fragrant BlissStrips, the device can create and disperse pleasant smells easily. As an added benefit, the intensity of the smell can be adjusted by adding up to ten BlissStrips. Users can even mix and match different BlissStrip scents to create a perfect aroma escape that is unique to their home. The strips come in a variety of scents including True Love, Lemon, Floral, Energy, and many more, all of which are pet-safe, and users are encouraged to experiment with different combinations of the strips to find their perfect balance.

The entire system can be activated with the push of a single warm, glowing button and can run continuously for up to sixty days before needing replacement batteries. Because the system is battery powered, it is portable, meaning a user can set it by their bedside as they sleep, wake up and take it to a yoga studio, then carry the BlissStreamer to the office, keeping a pleasant aroma around them at all times.

Sadly, producing a fragrance system this compact and this powerful is no easy task. To remedy this issue, the BlissStreamer team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter where readers can order a BlissStreamer and BlissStrips at a discount. With this support, the BlissStreamer team is excited to provide major innovation to the world of fragrance, improving the lives of people around the world.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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