Brand Loyalty Can Benefit from Activities in both Social Responsibility and Social Media, says Edward De Valle

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Move over coupons and discounts, today’s corporates and businesses should look at other ways to increase brand loyalty and trust, according to the leading communications and marketing consultant Edward De Valle. While it is obvious that organizations do not go overboard only to increase customer loyalty, there is certainly a need to refine and focus on this important aspect of public relations, and the new means are at hand.

“Both corporate social responsibility as well as social media marketing have emerged as an important aspect of a business that helps it gain trust and confidence in the eyes of the customers,” says Edward De Valle.

Customer surveys confirm this, as they point out how companies are admired by customers for giving back to the community through outreach, caring for the environment through better processes, and having policies and investments that go beyond mere profit. This is also due to the fact that the modern consumer is equally aware of social and environmental issues and is willing to buy one product rather than another based on such criteria.

This is important for companies operating in sectors such as retail, education, real estate and health, for their role in community development can be highlighted strongly through better social media presence and content marketing. Edward De Valle and his experts are active in public relations and paid media to improve the business-customer relationship has its main strategy.

Public relations and content generation for social media are thus important for new and existing businesses if they wish to leverage brand loyalty for long term sustenance. As per a survey, 75 percent respondents revealed that organizations weren’t doing enough towards increasing brand loyalty. This field is therefore ripe for further growth with paid, sponsored and free social media content.

While some may argue that sponsored content isn’t the best way to go about public relations for CSR, there is data to show that in such cases sponsored content is not perceived as advertising. It is still important to identify such content clearly and gain trust for being transparent.

Social media is another platform that is attracting huge attention for its ability to bring companies closer to consumers. The buzzwords here are sentiments, engaging content, viral, reach, influencers, quick interaction, feedback, complaint resolution and a regular stream of content. These can do the trick in building a good rapport. Companies in industries such as travel, retail, food and beverages and entertainment have a lot to gain from trust built on social media.

It is also possible to measure and quantify the results of social media activities and keep track of how successful any campaign or activity is. Edward De Valle and his experts offers marketing consultancy for firms who aim to engage in and track social media initiatives.

“Brand loyalty in the new economy is one of the most important aspects of doing business due to intense competition from both existing and new players. Among other things, it can mean the difference between success and failure. Both community and environmental concern as well as social media interactions are crucial to build brand loyalty in the new age,” said Edward De Valle.

Edward De Valle has set up an organized process of content creation for social media and other content marketing efforts. This includes research, analysis, data collection, organization and writing, followed by editing. This in-depth approach results in powerful content that clients require to move forward. The offerings include blogs, newsletters, press releases, brochures and digital magazines, websites and documentaries.

Edward De Valle and his experts also aims to build long relationships between clients and their audience through a strategic communication process. This translates into creative and adaptable ways to reach the target audience. The industries that LINKS can serve include consumer goods, travel, real estate, education, health, luxury lifestyle and many more. The offerings include blogging and media relations, branding, events, research, internal communications and social media marketing.

Edward De Valle and his experts have emerged as a major marketing communications consultancy on a global scale due to their ability to give a voice to their client’s vision. Since its strategies are geared towards return on investment, its team has gained expertise in executing marketing plans that bring revenue and deliver results by combining both traditional and new media. As a research oriented and forward thinking agency, Edward De Valle is able to generate remarkable results for its clients in a wide range of industries.

About Edward De Valle

After graduating college, his career began at GE as the Marketing Manager for GE Power Systems Latin America. He then became Director of Sales for group publisher IPG, and manage all sales and marketing for Newsweek, Vogue, Glamour, Discover, Men’s Fitness, Prevention, Teen and Architectural Digest for both the U.S. Hispanic and Latin America markets.

Drawing from that experience, De Valle then founded AMGW Agency, an Americas-focused digital, advertising and public relations company in 2001. His global perspective contributed to his desire to provide marketing strategies to real estate developers, hoteliers and luxury brands on a worldwide scale.

After having much success with his own marketing and communications company he set of to do what he always wanted to do, which was to become — a serial entrepreneur.

In 2012 he purchased the franchise “Douglas Elliman Real Estate” for representation in the Dominican Republic.

In 2013 he made a deal with Forbes Magazine in New York and was later awarded the honored to own the license to publish Forbes in Central America and the Caribbean.

In 2015 De Valle founded LINKS with a goal of providing clients with high-impact, intelligent and innovative solutions in the marketing world.

From 2001-2017 A special passion for real estate marketing has led him to become one of America’s top marketing, and communications professional’s to help developers sell new developments.

Edward De Valle has marketed more than $15 billion of residential and vacation real estate projects for many of the world’s most prominent developers and architects, including Roger Staubach, Andres Balaz, Richard Meier, Zaha Hadid and Armani.

In 2017 he secured the license to build alongside the development company Grupo Zagalo the first-ever yoo Studio by Phillipe Starck project ever to be constructed in the Caribbean. Today his regional Caribe LINKS office manages the sales and marketing with brokerage Ankrom Group.

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