Enjoy One Of The Most Entertaining Romantic Comedy Of All Time Excellently Produced By Mohit Soni

18 August, 2017 – Imaginations rule the world. And no better form of this imaginative wonderment ever surpassed watching a movie. It puts one’s mind and soul at ease while taking the person on a journey to a far away land existing in their imaginations. The most mind-blowing of this world of wonderment is a romantic comedy based movie that not only entertains but also educates and inspires people. One of the most thrilling romantic comedy “HinJews” has been released. 

Mohit Soni wrote, directed and produced this wonderful romance comedy film Hinjews, which has been gaining attraction in festivals across the United States.

Hinjews follows a story of two roommates who find themselves in a cultural war when their traditional parents come to visit. Mohit made this amazing movie possible by putting together a team of talented comedic cast and crew, raising the necessary funding as well as overseeing all aspects of the production from pre to post.

This story is inspired and Based on real people: Producer himself and his roommate Alon Juwal. Starring Alex Silvestre (underPAID – TV-mini-series, the red road – TV series) his first lead role in Hinjews as Mohit (director/Produer himself), Harry Howard (podcrash with harry howard on itunes) as Alon Juwal (roommate), and Eliott Mayer (Law & Order, Play or be played) as orthodox Jewish father.

Hinjews remain semifinalist in Los Angeles CineFest, Miami Epic Trailer Festival & Hollywood Screenings Film Festival. Mohit joined hands with Roger C. Ambrose (two time award Emmy award winning art director) and was able to bring him onboard as a “Production Designer”.

This was his first SAG Union independent production. Mohit made sure to meet the deadlines and budget for Hinjews.

Harry Howard explains “Working with Mohit has been an amazing experience; he was open for suggestions and work along with actors to build comedic moments on set. He believes in team work and says that character is born in rehearsals that’s why he gives freedom to his actors to improvise the scene for the betterment of story.”

“When Mohit pitched his short film to me the first time, I thought it was a very unique concept. Hinjews was actually my first comedy as casting director, so I was very excited to be on board, but also, I knew it was going to be a challenge. Even more so with the characters being based on real people, including Mohit, the director and producer of this film, himself. Mohit is a very talented director with a great eye for comedy. From the very beginning, he had a very clear idea of what he wanted, which always makes my job 10 times more enjoyable! When Alex auditioned, he was one of the firsts to come in, but I knew right away that he was the right actor for the part and couldn’t wait for Mohit to meet him. Overall, I loved working with Mohit on this film and I am looking forward to working with him again,” said Kevin Robert.

Melody Peng (Criminal Minds, College Humor Officials, Stop the Bleeding, Suspense) Actress also commented “He has an amazing eye for humor, he is always on point and makes sure the set is running smoothly and in timely manner”.

Vee Kumari (Anger management, Criminal Minds) who played as Indian Mother role also commented “Mohit has a very creative mind and he was able to see things differently and make something newer than a cliché story of India versus Pakistan or Israel versus Palestinian. She further explains that his story is on point with a great message of “many in body but one in mind”. He is the next filmmaker who reform society and is able to remove the stereotypes which world has created”.

To find out more about this movie and its incredibly talented director Mohit soni please visit the IMDB link http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6570218/?ref_=nm_knf_i2

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