SkillTwins setting virtual world on fire with 1 billion+ views on soccer freestyle videos

SkillTwins great freestyle soccer training videos on YouTube are commanding huge viewership globally and have already garnered more than 1 billion views.

Västerås, Sweden – August 19, 2017 – Talk about the latest buzzword on YouTube and you have almost everybody going ga-ga over SkillTwins Josef and Jakob El-Zein. The 21-year-old twins might look like any young college kid of their age but they are much much more than that. Hailed by fans and loved by football legends, they are winning hearts with amazing freestyle soccer tutorials and their SkillTwins YouTube videos have already surpassed 1 billion views. 

Precisely, these two bright brothers are on their way to build a digital empire over the virtual world with millions of fans and followers glued into their social media channels worldwide. The SkillTwins video creators were the first ever YouTuber to be acknowledged as “Global Ambassador” by Adidas. A huge number of 2,066,272 people have liked their Page on Facebook and their page also shows 2,072,466  followers.  The SkillTwins Instagram account boasts a whooping 1.7 million followers as well.  

And when you have none other than football icon Neymar claiming – “I really like a lot of your videos” – you know you are in for something truly mind-blowing.

Apart from Neymar, football mavericks like Zidane & Özil are also in high praise for these highly talented twins and their soccer tutorial videos. 

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“It’s a proud moment for us to witness our SkillTwins videos surpassing as many as 1 billion views. We have always been very particular about offering the best of freestyle tutorial and it’s great to see your endeavors are being appreciated globally. We promise all our viewers many more great freestyle soccer tutorial videos in near future”, smiled the twin stars while basking in the glory of their amazing success.

The rise of Josef and Jakob El-Zein is an inspiring tale of indomitable spirit on the face of adversity. Both the brothers showed huge promise as soccer players and used to play in the best youth teams. But their dream of becoming the best soccer players in the whole world was shattered when both of them encountered severe knee injuries. The injury forbade them from living their passion for 1.5 years. 

But the spirited young souls didn’t give up. They started training freestyle and trained extensively for 10 hours every day. However, one fine day, they casually filmed themselves doing the soccer skills and published the video on YouTube. Boom! The video went viral and the rest is history. 

The promising twins are not just limited to posting their tutorials on YouTube. When they they released their own game SkillTwins Football Game (an app for iOS and Android) it went to the nr 1 spot worldwide on Apples top list in just 4 hours. The game has now been downloaded over 8 million times. In September they are releasing the much anticipated sequal.

SkillTwins are also traveling the world for quite some time now teaching their skills to many aspiring footballers out there. They have met some of the big wigs of the game in person, including the likes of Xavi, Rakitic and Pep Guardiola. Very recently, the SkillTwins brothers have met and filmed videos with singing sensations Niall Horan and Shawn Mendes.

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To download their game you can search for “SkillTwins Football Game” in Appstore and Google Play

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