\”Children of my Country\” is a tribute to the young men in Venezuela who have died protecting their Human Rights.

“Miguel Martinez Visual Arts Branding, Photography by Reinaldo Vandres”
Visual artist Miguel Martinez publishes his online exhibition “Children of my Country” (“Hijos De mi Patria”) with the intention of honoring the young people who have peacefully protested for their civil and human rights and have recently lost their lives in the hands of the brutal and criminal repression of the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela has a population of around 30 million and one of the largest oil production and caches of natural resources in the world. Venezuelan citizens face a serious social and humanitarian crisis never seen before in history, where there is an extreme shortage of food, of medicines and of medical care and where civil rights are trampled on daily. Also is been known by major news outlets and by the Democratic leaders of that country, the disintegration done by Maduro’s government to the general assembly of congressman and senate in this country, which was recently legitimately and democratically elected by the majority of the Venezuelan population. For example and give some ideas in this situation about Venezuela, would be like a US president would have dissolved the senate and congress in Capitol Hill in DC to establish a dictatorial government.

These recent events in Venezuela are leading to countless protests in defense of the Constitution and towards the reinstitution of social, legal and democratic guarantees.  The enforcers of the law under the dictatorship of Maduro’s government have brutally attacked the population that protests desperately for a better change in their country and demands that there be presidential elections based on the constitutional rights.

This online exhibit is sponsored by the organization “Know Your Human Rights”, which is a private entity that has the purpose to educate and contribute to the vital importance of publicizing human rights in Spanish-speaking countries by showing what human rights are and how they apply on a daily basis. This can be shared worldwide on social media platforms, Smartphone and text messages. “Know Your Human Rights” also supports international organizations like the United Nations and Amnesty International to improve life in all corners of the world by making Human Rights known.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/Nz2lZxS-5bA

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