Auto and Plastic Repair Kit Powda Bond Now Available Online

Belton, MO – The fast and instant repair plastic and auto glue, Powda Bond, has been popular for decades for its handy and universal use. The plastic and auto adhesive glue can now be easily bought from Amazon.

The Powda Bond plastic repair kit from Pratley comes with a 20ml, special grade super glue that can be used by itself, or combined with the filling powder that comes in 15ml packs of black and white, that can be mixed to create gray if required. The acrylic glue is good as a car bumper fix and crack filler supply, and is popular for automotive parts such as radiators and headlights. The plastic glue is heavy duty, sets quickly and can be used on most plastics, metal, glass, fiberglass and rubber.

What has made Powda Bond more popular is its fluidity during use, and unlike other products it does not get stuck in the tube and releases very quickly. The smooth flow makes it easy to apply, and the glue can also be kept in a refrigerator to maintain its freshness.

Apart from its almost universal applications, the glue also has a proven track record worldwide since its launch. The glue can be sanded, filed, drilled, tapped or painted and can withstand high temperatures up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Powda Bond plastic repair kit will be of great use as a fast curing adhesive kit and gap filler, and can be used as a single adhesive or in two-part combination. Powda Bond is a super glue, and gives faster, stronger results,” says Francina Smit of SmitCo LLC.

Whether at home or outdoors, a super plastic glue like Powda Bond can come in handy anytime. As a repair kit to fill up gaps, cracks and holes, the acrylic glue kit works even on tough materials such as auto emblems, wheel caps, carburetors, electrical switches, tubs, valves and home appliances.

Powda Bond is manufactured by Pratley, a company was established in 1948, which now manufactures over 800 products sold worldwide to thousands of very happy customers.

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