Fall In Love with Your Handwriting

August 21st, 2017 Transitioning through elementary grades can be a daunting task which dictates whether your little one gets a passing grade or not. One such task is the job of handwriting which is what formulates their entire little minds. Learning it at school is good but having an avenue to deliver extra lessons is great for your child. With the new ‘Words Tracing: Printing Practice Handwriting Workbook’ by i Love HandWriting, your child will have all the extra lessons they need to receive a passing shot.

The book is perfect as its creativeness presents an inviting and captivating mood that is so fun the kids don’t remember that they’re learning or ‘doing extra lessons’.

It consists of A to Z Letter tracing, 50 Words Trace and Copy Words “Name of Flower, 18 Words Trace and Copy Words “Name of Body” and blank handwriting pages that allow you to practice what they’ve learnt free hand

i Love Handwriting also have books for kids to practice sentence writing, cursive writing, alphabet writing.

Available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Words-Tracing-Printing-Practice-Handwriting/dp/1548651222, you may find i Love Handwriting and all information about the Words Tracing book and other related products at https://www.facebook.com/iloverhandwriting

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