Nine Secrets to Making Small Changes with Big Payoffs

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – 21 Aug, 2017 –

Secrets to achieving a tenfold sales increase with small changes

Influential is proud to announce the release of Claire Langju Lee’s Secrets Behind Things That Look Good: How Small Changes in Design Lead to a Big Jump in Sales, published in ebook form for Amazon Kindle, on 22.08.2017.

Secrets Behind Things That Look Good contains nine design secrets for retailers to create displays that sell.

If something looks good, there’s a good reason why

Why do the same products look better in certain displays than others? Why are some stores so forgettable no matter how many times you see them, while some seize your attention immediately? Deciding what looks “good” is an instinctive, sensory process. Yet behind it lies an intricate science. What are the nine secrets of color, light, and space that make something look good?

Small changes, big payoffs

Why does Starbucks use its signature green on only 5% of its store design? Why do supermarkets have fruit stands by the entrance? What kind of lighting turns a restaurant into a popular selfie spot? Successful companies know that marketing begins with perception. This book reveals secrets any retail marketer or new entrepreneur should know, like creating an image consumers will remember, controlling color to boost sales, spacing products for a comfortable shopping environment, and much more. Compiling best practices from various industries from foodservice to fashion to book retailing, along with photographs of stellar displays, Secrets Behind Things That Look Good is an easy, fun read.

Praise for Secrets Behind Things That Look Good

“And throughout the book there are interesting tidbits from Lee’s experiences, such as the reflective qualities of various shades. All of this should appeal not only to marketers, but to anybody who’s ever noticed efficient and vibrant displays as well.” — Kirkus Reviews

“We named the exhibit we held last year “Esprit Dior,” or the “spirit of Dior.” We wanted to emphasize that there is more to Christian Dior than meets the eye—that while invisible, the spirit of Dior underpins the brand. Claire Langju Lee’s Secrets Behind Things That Look Good shows why it isn’t only luxury brands that need a company philosophy. And why the most important issue for brands at the end of the day is to make their philosophy seen.” — Lee Jong Kyu, Regional Director, Christian Dior Couture Korea

About the author

Dr. Claire Langju Lee is a South Korean visual merchandising consultant with nearly 25 years of experience in the retail world, earning the nickname “Midas touch” for her ability to save ailing businesses. She worked with luxury brands in large department stores for 13 years, before founding a social enterprise to help one-person businesses, small stores, and farmers’ markets that have great products but fail to get noticed by customers. Her approach to design as a key management strategy rather than a simple visual tool has revived many small and big-box retailers. She wrote this book in the hope of sharing her experiences with an even wider audience.

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