Taking an Innovative Take on Nursery in Wandsworth

Wandsworth, London – The emotional, physical, and social well-being of children have direct effects in their adulthood. With parents usually away for work, toddlers are often left with the care of babysitters. Hence, putting them in early childhood education is a must to optimize their development.  The Wandsworth Preschool is a school in Wardsworth that focuses on child care.

“We are a unique daycare and school facility that offers nursery in Wandsworth. Located in the center of Wandsworth, we have a stunning, purpose-built and state of the art premises,” says Bill Zuckerman, the company spokesperson. They continuously seek excellence and innovative approach in child care. The Wandsworth Preschool is built by founders who accumulate over 50 years of experience in early education. While parents think that nursery schools give the same treatment, Wandsworth Preschool provides a curriculum that lets their children get exposed in world culture. “We listen to your children as they best articulate their own needs, talents, abilities and interests,” he added.

The Wandsworth Preschool strays from the traditional teaching techniques that limit a child’s discovery of their talent. The school is perhaps the only nursery in Wandsworth that exposes students to classical music, science, and art. From Raphael to Mozart, children will learn things in various media formats. They also incorporate contemporary cartoons and science fiction in their method. The Wandsworth Preschool does not expect students to remember everything, but these become part of their subconscious later. This approach will spark interest in doing things that they want at a young age. Moreover, this facilitates easier appreciation in topics like Newton’s Laws of Motion by the time these are formally introduced later.

Performing arts is one of their main curricular offerings where children aged 3 to 5 years compose their own opera. The Wandsworth Preschool wants their students to build confidence at an early age while teaching them how to read and write. They are committed to providing the best child care as the top Nursery Wandsworth. Parents are extremely satisfied in which they note how the school’s innovativeness improved their child’s well-being. Those who are interested can visit their place to see what it is like to be there.

Interested parents may visit The Wandsworth Preschool’s website at http://www.wandsworthpreschool.co.uk/. They are located at 2 Knightley Walk, Wandsworth, London. They can be reached through the telephone at 020 3319 7330 or via email at admin@wandsworthpreschool.co.uk.

Media Contact
Company Name: The Wandsworth Preschool
Contact Person: Bill Zuckerman
Email: admin@wandsworthpreschool.co.uk
Phone: 020 3319 7330
Address:2 Knightley Walk
City: Wandsworth
State: London
Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.wandsworthpreschool.co.uk/