Huffingtonpost interview: Scry Constructs Blockchain Data World, Supports Quantitative Trading

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In the most recent interview founder Eva pointed out what distinguished Scry from most of the current blockchain projects: Scry is dedicated to developing a database engine which executes an international open-source blockchain-based smart contract and, in many cases, involves the participation and maintenance of the open-source community by powerful developers.

In the meantime, community supporters also play a very important role. In the following interview, Eva talked about the background of and how the data contracts were going to be implemented in the financial blockchain. has risen to prominence in Asia most recently as it draws close attention from numerous investors. With a successful global pre-ICO in Singapore as a private equity fund, is so far the world’s first open-source protocol project founded on real data sources. Boasting a Turing-complete smart contract system, it supports sport hotspot follow-up, data evidence, information market, polling, data management & query and data source signing while allowing different developers integrating their own dapps into Scry framework.

Journalist: Scry is said to have recently completed a round of international pre-ICO. Many participants admitted to being long-time optimists. Some netizens joked that the pre-ICO had barely started when it was over. As we know, the move garnered the support of a lot of Western and Eastern global investors. Would you mind telling us how Scry did it?

Eva: Thank you for your support and attention. As the initiator of the project, we are very honored to have so many international participants who represent different geographical areas and languages join Scry community. Since Bitcoin was invented in 2008, the blockchain application market has developed for nine years. We believe every 10-year interval to be one of fast maturity of breakthrough technologies.

The blockchain projects are concentrated primarily on underlying layers and monolithic dapps. is an open-source protocol layer stemming from Ethereum. We aim to become an international open-source community to muster global developers in a common effort to apply blockchain-based smart contracts to traditional industries, make all data contracts tradable and build a society on a smart and creditable blockchain platform.

Computers have laid the foundation for a society on smart contract and blockchain platforms by accumulating immense structured and unstructured data through large-scale parallel computing in the past five decades. Now there’s an opportunity to apply a “supertechnology” to the commercial sector and to drive innumerable passionate entrepreneurs, developers and business partners to work toward a very exciting project. It’s

Now Scry has geeks and developers from the U.S., Canada, Japan, the Middle East and Europe. We have been reaching out a welcoming hand to outstanding young members who seek involvement in our community.

Journalist: How did you strike on initiating the underlying data contract project? We know you have a food supply chain version of the blockchain, so why didn’t you cling to the original system?

We spent three years developing and commercializing Xcener Blockchain system and discovered an imperative demand in the traditional online-to-offline (O2O) commerce sector for blockchain applications.

Developing a commercial application system is the mere success of a company. We need the powers and elites from worldwide to drive an industry forward. We should break company barriers to involve elite members from different countries in building a great society founded on blockchain and credit. Everybody will be able to get easy access to the blockchain world, where all the data can be classified and traded automatically within the smart contract framework.

Journalist: Your first series of smart contract products are expected to be released in October. Would you mind telling us what’s going on and what steps will be taken in the long run?

Eva: Scry began its dream in early 2016 when we approached the possibility of developing a blockchain data contract application connected to the real world. The source codes are scheduled to be released in October. The application supports writing of data sources and call of blockchain-based contracts, including such fundamental functions as data demand query and data validation for swarm intelligence authentication. We plan to launch our first dapp client-side terminal and start improving Scry ecological application support by the end of 2007. is expected to complete its ecosphere and be poised to provide a smart platform to integrate data storage/query/notarization and light-node data contract deals.

Our goal is to use open-source Scry to provide a worldwide digital credit system in support of fast smart contract transactions with ease.

We welcome consistent observation. Our community developers are committed to sharing technology in many dimensions, e.g. encryption, data source call, underlying data chains and development progress.

Eva added that Scry was seeking access to more real data sources, including finance, agriculture, sport, recreation and natural language. As an open-source community, Scry also welcomes the participation of blockchain developers from every corner of the world.


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