Liquid Trucking Company Chooses Omnitracs Critical Event Video System

Plattsmouth, NE Availing the best trucking service can be risky since it would often carry expensive materials. It is no joke to drive a huge truck and drivers must be especially trained to do so. Liquid Trucking knows this and only chooses the best security measures by installing Omnitracs’s Critical Event Video.

“Our world class facilities, and state of the art GPS equipped trucks and tankers, driven by the most capable drivers in the industry, are the keys to our success and continued growth,” reads an excerpt from their website. Indeed they keep their word in getting only the best features they can get. “Incorporating in-vehicle video into their company’s safety and risk management strategy is an important choice more and more of our customers are making,” says Omnitracs’s safety product management and integrations manager, Drew Schimelpfenig. “We want to give those companies a fully integrated in-vehicle video solution that fits seamlessly within their day-to-day operations, and ensures that the culture of safety they’ve spent years building is well-defended and fully leveraged.”

Many reports have been made that when a highway accident happens between a truck and a car, it is usually the trucking company that has to deal with the majority of the damages. It can be quite unfair especially if it is really the car driver’s fault. With Critical Event Video, trucking companies have solid visual evidence on accidents that may occur. This then provides more transparency for their customers and gives them a leverage when dealing with legal cases. This technology can report numerous information including hard-braking, stability control, speeding, following time and collision warning, and even the truck’s speed before an accident occurs.

Liquid Trucking offers the best bulk liquid transport service. As they rely heavily on the skills of their drivers, the company only gets the best and even cares for their drivers well. In fact, the drivers enjoy the facilities since it has shower rooms, driver break-rooms, and can even use company vehicles when their liquid carrier trucks are being used. Their website even features a tab for apparel, footwear, and bags for their drivers. To boot, drivers under the company enjoy rewards system where they can even redeem various items.

For more information on this Bulk Tanker Company, interested clients may check out their website at They may also choose to send them a message through their website or call them at 844-468-2657. The company is located at 108 East Bay Rd., Plattsmouth NE 68048. Liquid Trucking can also be emailed at

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