Online Reputation Roundup: What to Do When Things Get Ugly

UK – Owning a business can be a fulfilling route to take in someone’s career. It is an investment that an individual or group of people often put all their effort into, to hopefully see thrive. From the atmosphere itself to the goods and services offered, it is best to keep everything as genuine and consistent as possible when running a business. While everything in a business can run smoothly, mistakes do happen. These mistakes can lead to negative customer reviews which can in turn end up on internet sites like Yelp or Facebook. Reviews from these sites typically pop up when looking up a particular business on the search engine Google.

People are more likely to submit reviews after a bad experience somewhere. Their ratings and comments are typically made out of frustration with a company and should not be ignored. Is there a right way to handle negative press online? Andy Drinkwater has been helping companies with online reputation management for over ten years. His company iQ SEO Ltd has a goal to help inform businesses on what actions to take when they receive backlash from upset customers.

Mr. Drinkwater has evencompiled opinions of thirty specialists in a blog format on his website, each giving their take on what to do in these sticky situations. Many of the experts suggest moving the negative reviews down on the search engine. Most people who do a quick Google search only look at the first two or three, while there can be plenty more beyond the first few. By creating more content for a business’ website and utilizing sites that trend on Google, iQ SEO Ltd is able to help their clients.  Posting on platforms like Twitter and Facebook will typically create a link to these sites at the top of Google because they are so often used. People are familiar with these sites and are more likely to visit them than third party reviews. A lot of the advice given suggests to reply to the complaints. The website also features negative search removal.

Hopefully, with the help of online reputation management, companies can improve their interaction with customers to eliminate the negative press that may occasionally arise. Mr. Drinkwater has experience with reputation management and can help any business seem more attractive on their internet platforms.

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