Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd Announces New Automation Parts for Industrial LCD Panels

Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd introduces LM64P101 and LM8V302 automation parts to be used in industrial LCD panels and displays.

The new and original display parts are available with one year warranty and Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd also offers the best price guarantee for their clients. According to the company spokesperson, they can even supply minimum one piece of the product for clients to assess the quality and efficiency of the product.

The spokesperson reveals that they supply automation parts that can fit into the products of the leading brands without any compatibility issue. The LM64P101 part is designed for 7.4” LCD panels to offer the best quality visuals. The component is designed to be easily integrated into the panel. With its compact size, the installation is quick and easy and it keeps working without any trouble. According to the spokesperson, they deliver high quality and durable components, and this LCD part is also meant for a long-lasting and stable performance.

 Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd Announces New Automation Parts for Industrial LCD Panels

The company also has the LM8V302 LCD part in their stock that is suitable for compact industrial display units. The LCD component is of proven quality and of high standards. The spokesperson maintains that they also offer the complete support along with the product they supply to their industrial clients. The LCD part is easy to be used in the LCD panels, however. At the same time, they do not require a minimum order volume and can supply even a single LCD part to the clients across the world. The new and original LCD component is available at a reasonable price and is designed to be used in a wide range of industrial LCD panels.

Besides LCD components, Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd also brings the ER6V/3.6V battery to be used in different Mitsubishi devices. The brand new, unopened and undamaged item is manufactured by Toshiba and comes with the 3.6V rating. They can supply minimum 10 numbers of batteries to any customer across the world. With the 2000mAh capacity, the battery is available in the AA size. This lithium based battery is available with the CJST RB 2-Pin Plug and offers a long-lasting performance. To know more about this battery, the LCD components or other automation parts the company supplies, one can visit their website

About Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd

Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd, found in 2005, is a professional independent distributor of industrial automation and electric parts of world famous brands. The company has a team of experienced staffs who have many years of hard work and they support of customers with an established global supply system. With over 10 years of overseas experience, the company has won the consistent trust and approval of general customers at home and abroad.

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