Critically Acclaimed Author, Catherine Girard-Veilleux, is Writing New Novel “Down to Earth”

Canada is home to many successful and promising writers, but few can compare to the immense talent of Catherine Girard-Veilleux.  Winner of numerous prestigious writing honors including the Camp National Novel Writing Month award, Catherine has enchanted her readers with her original and compelling short stories and novels. Her latest literary work in progress, “Down to Earth,” has helped Catherine land a contract with Friesen Press.  “Down to Earth” is an enchanting story of a young boy who not only has the capacity to communicate with the dead, but also encounters an Angel of the Lord.

Catherine Girard-Veilleux has established herself as one of Canada’s strongest literary voices.  Her work has earned praise from literary critics for her superior storytelling and sympathetic characters.  “Down to Earth” promises to be another giant leap forward in Catherine’s growth as a confident and assured writer.  There is little doubt that “Down to Earth” will be released to widespread praise, announcing the triumphant entry of a profoundly talented novelist to the literary world.

While Catherine has consistently shown that she possesses all of the qualities necessary to become a globally celebrated author, including brilliance, determination and love for writing, she must overcome some large obstacles to publish “Down to Earth.” Catherine is currently attending college while trying to complete her novel.  Despite her immense potential as a writer and lucrative contract awaiting her, she must first complete her novel which will require editing.  While Catherine has raised a large portion of the editing fee, she still requires $1,100 in order to fully fund this process.  In order to raise these funds, Catherine has sponsored a campaign on Kickstarter.  Supporters of this project may receive valuable perks like bookmarks, copies of “Down to Earth,” posters, Skype interviews, or a personalized short story.

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