Shield Me Anti-radiation cell phone case are a wake-up call for the wireless industry

It can be tough to carry on a business knowing that the product sold carries the potential to harm millions of users worldwide. Such is the case with mobile phones, but thankfully, it is ultimately technology itself, guided by guided by self-belief and action, that comes to the aid of technology. Exemplifying this is Rose Vitale, whose trailblazing “Shield Me” anti-radiation protective cases have today a success story and a case study for others to emulate.

Rose is the creator of the now famous Shield Me Cases that she offers free to anyone who buys a mobile phone from her stores. A perfect example of ethics blending with honest business, Shield Me anti-radiation cases protect users against thermal, RF and ELF radiation, thus protecting users, which also include children, from developing cancer.

Shield Me cases would have never come into existence had Rose given up on her decade long business after coming to know of the potentially harmful effect of radiations emitted by mobiles. At stake were not only adults, but also kids and unborn babies via their mothers. The number of people at risk runs into millions, who carry and use mobiles for hours every day.

Not one to quit in the face of challenges, Rose has gone on to create a revolutionary moment for the wireless industry. Faced with a moral dilemma, Rose has chosen the only alternative that can offer her peace of mind and the realization of doing something to overcome challenge. Shield Me cases are built to protect, come free, and are the first line of defence against potential illness.

“My ultimate goal is to urge the public to demand that the wireless industry creates safe cell phones for the consumer. Until that happens, I will continue to gift these protective cases to my customers,” says Rose.

Rose is firm on her embracing honesty and ensuring she takes care of her customers just as everyone else must. Hers is the single minded and lone effort that calls into focus the kind of commitment and compassion expected from the industry at large.

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