Next Generation Psychology Offers Emotional Support Service Animal Evaluations

With a Letter to Fly and be in “No Pet” Housing

Indio, CA, United States – 21st August, 2017 – Next Generation Psychology  provides affordable ESA Evaluations to customers using different strategies for immediate results. The ESA Evaluations helps clients in their daily life to bring forth important connections for psychological, social well-being and personal growth.​

Next Generation Psychology  has a Professional feel that, having an Emotional Support Dog, Cat or Animal is a movement or a cause to help as many people as possible to lower emotional issues and to improve their lives in Simple ways.

Statistic shows that emotional symptoms affects at least 20% of the population, but it’s often invisible to onlookers, therefore people who suffer from emotional symptoms and disorders like depression, PTSD, and panic attacks, Autism or Physical issues may struggle to perform everyday tasks, at work, socially or emotionally even if no one can see the reason for their pain.

Many people are helped by having an emotional Support service dog certification or ESA. Next Generation Psychology helps pet owners to have animals that can calm you down and give you a reason to keep going, even when times are tough. However, housing and traveling with a pet can be complicated and increase anxiety.

If you need an ESA letter to have your Pet become an ESA for airplane travel or for “No Pet” housing, Next Generation Psychology know what the law requires and are the specialists in this field with over 25 years’ experience and over 3 years exclusively doing ESA evaluations to certify clients according to the Federal Laws. Their letter has been certified to pass the HUD Housing requirements. The ESA Official letter is the only requirement according to the 2 Federal Laws


Joanne Williams, LCSW is the Manager of Next Generation Psychology, she is one of the most experienced Specialist in the Field of Emotional Support Animal (ESA) evaluations with 25 years as a therapist, over 3 years exclusively evaluating for a Certified ESA Letter, with everything included in the letter that is needed for Air Travel and for “No Pet” housing. 

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