Home Cooks Turn to Magnetic Knife Set to Keep Families Safe

When Bliss Innovations an online supplier of premium homeware, patio and garden products requested feedback from its customer base about their intention to develop a contemporary knife set, they had a lot to say.  Their concerns were threefold.  Firstly, they talked about hygiene issues that have been known to occur when knives are kept in knife blocks.  Next, the problem of cross contamination during food preparation was raised; an issue when one knife is used to prepare more than one foodstuff.  Finally, they wanted the design to be contemporary and stylish but also somehow different to other knife sets available in the marketplace.

Armed with this information, the company’s designers were briefed to develop a knife set that would not only satisfy the expectations of its customer base but to surpass them.  This knife set was designed specifically to ensure that moms and home cooks have access to the best quality food preparation equipment that keeps their families safe while also having a contemporary and stylish design.  

Using this feedback to guide the development of this design, Bliss Innovations known for its premium quality home, patio and garden wares is now its new range’s first product: Keen Edge Home Magnetic Knife Set with Clear Colorful Handles. In keeping with their customers’ advice, this magnetic knife set not only has an attractive modern design but it also ensures that the home cook can safety and hygienically prepare food for their family and friends with ease.

According to the company spokesman, ”International studies on kitchen hygiene and bacterial contamination have revealed that up to 25% of harmful bacteria in the home kitchen occurs by way of kitchen utensils including the knife block. For homemakers responsible for preparing daily family meals, and maintaining kitchen hygiene, it is important they are aware of these potential health issues by equipping their kitchen with the safest utensils to protect their loved ones.”

The company spokesman went on to say that the research has also shown that different colored knives will assist with the safety and hygiene elements as well as accomplishing the variety of cutting, slicing, chopping, carving and paring tasks needed in any kitchen. The simplicity of the Keen Edge Home magnetic stand’s design ensures that the display holder and the knives can be very easily cleaned and accessed.  The knives can be conveniently retrieved and returned to the stand, ensuring the safety and hygienic issues that may occur with ‘traditional’ knife blocks are easily avoided.

The knives distinctive pastel shades include: an 8 inch lavender chef knife, an 8 inch lemon bread knife, an 8 inch blue carving knife, a 5 inch pink utility knife and a 3.5 inch lime green paring knife. The 5 knives are made from premium quality stainless steel are razor sharp and are covered with high quality 100% certified food grade, non-toxic ABS material to match the clear colorful pastel handles.

About Bliss Innovations

Bliss Innovations is a family owned and operated online supplier of premium homeware, patio and garden products that offer innovative and contemporary designs for its customers.  The company is committed to bringing its customers the best quality products that deliver on performance, durability and affordability in combination with impeccable customer service.  

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