The Violence of Mankind and Some Outrageous Solutions – Advice on creating a better future for the world

“The Violence of Mankind and Some Outrageous Solutions” by Todd Voitel
Todd Voitel wants to encourage the readers of “The Violence of Mankind and Some Outrageous Solutions” to change their thinking.

With 50 years of life experience under his belt, Todd Voitel knows a how life works. He has seen a world full of violence and warfare. He knows that such a world is not what the majority of its inhabitants want. His new book with a strong focus on Christian ideals offers a unique look at the creation of the Rainbow in the Scriptures to explain the true power hidden in its meaning. Todd Voitel explains the importance of different nations and cultures laying aside their differences to eventually agree on a common goal for mankind: a world of peace and security for everyone.

According to “The Violence of Mankind and Some Outrageous Solutions” by Todd Voitel, the source of violence and warfare is that peple do not understand the Law of Sowing and Reaping. The author aims to educate them to create a different, better future. Unlike others, Todd Voitel isn’t scared to offer rather outrageous solutions to common problems. His thought-provoking ideas will stay with readers even if they don’t implement his solutions in their own lives.

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