Battery Reconditioning and Re-use can Save Both Money and Environment

Warwickshire, UK – With batteries all around us in various devices and appliances, their role in an environment caring world has taken on more importance. The good news is, old and dead batteries need not be thrown away. Noel Barton, a battery care and repair specialist, has launched his new blog on battery reconditioning methods, and offers an e-book, ‘EZ Battery Reconditioning’, that shows all the steps involved.

As a global habit that all of us have inculcated since childhood, dead and malfunctioning batteries are easily discarded as useless. This habit is not only costly on the purse, but also to the environment. These can however be reconditioned to work again just as they were new.

Noel’s battery reconditioning blog is an entire course on various methods and techniques that are easy to understand for the laymen and carry out at home. It also opens up a new stream of revenue, as old and dead batteries can be obtained almost free, repaired and then sold for a decent profit.

On the blog one can find virtually every bit of information required for battery reconditioning, from repairing a 12V battery, desulfating a battery with Epsom salts, bringing PDA batteries back to life, and charging car batteries to learning about hybrid battery packs and valuable iPod battery tips.

With the help of ‘EZ Battery Reconditioning’, a guide put together by Tom Ericson, anyone can learn battery reconditioning methods, and reuse a range of batteries found in cars, computer and phones, rechargeable ad long life batteries, golf cart and forklift batteries, etc. The e-book and the course are a great way to learn to save money, care for the environment and even generate income. The e-book is extremely detailed, and unlike other guides, provides correct and complete information.

“The process of battery reconditioning is very easy and is something you can achieve without any form of stress. I have done it over a hundred times, and it may interest you to know that I have mastered the art to the extent of making a living from it,” says Noel Barton.

The battery reconditioning blog and the e-book, ‘EZ Battery Reconditioning’ together form a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning the art and technique of battery reconditioning.

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