“DreamMe ORBIT” Sleep & Relaxation aid using Your Mobile Phone as a Projector

Create a relaxation centre right in your room, turn off your mind and relax!

August 22nd, 2017 Many times we fail to get the necessary relaxation and sleep we need. This is majorly because of the daily activities we get involved in. But with the launch of this innovative kickstarter project, we are poised at creating an improvement in the way we fall asleep. Apart from the DreamMe ORBIT being an innovated aid for sleep and relaxation without a medication, it also helps you fall asleep and relax faster.

“It is the first, sleep and relaxation aid in one which uses your mobile phone as a projector. Helps you to relax and fall asleep faster. Furthermore, it turns your mobile phone or tablet into a pocket planetarium. Relax by watching planets on your ceiling.”

Announcing the commencement of this project, Yvonne Joh sent her appreciation to everyone who supported her first project and gave several reasons why the DreamMe ORBIT project is a present day reality.

“Two years ago, we launched our first project on kickstarter. Thanks to the support, we were able to successfully fund DreamMe and deliver it to more than 850 backers. With all the experiences gained and many new ideas from the community, we would like to present our new project: DreamMe ORBIT”                   

Many of us have little time to relax and sometimes they have trouble to fall asleep: DreamMe ORBIT is here to help you create a relaxation palace right in your room. When we are stressed, we often breathe too shallowly. To relax and reduce heart beat frequency, there are scientifically proven breathing exercises known from Yoga Therapy. With DreamMe ORBIT these exercises do not have to be learned. Intuitively, the projection guides you through inhaling and exhaling in the proper rhythm without having to concentrate on whether your technique is correct or not. Thus, all your attention is directed to breathing and leads to the desired outcome faster – relaxation!

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The free DreamMe ORBIT app will help slow down metabolism, disconnect thoughts, and fall asleep faster; all these without taking any medication. “Studies have shown that the technique employed by DreamMe ORBIT can help you to reduce the time you need to fall asleep by up to 40%.”

Yvonne Joh is the Authorized shareholder and representative.

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