Pridegem Abdoulaye Ndiaye Gounass owned Mining Limited has invested over $4 million in the emerald project

Pridegem Mining Limited has invested over $4 million in the emerald project in north western province. Emerald and semi-precious stones Mining Association (ESMAZ) president Victor Kalesha said the mining form located in chief Mujimanzovus area had so far created over 400 jobs for the local people. In a statement released yesterday he said the association was therefore grateful with the incoming development in the emerald sector especially the job creation.

“The emerald association of Zambia would like to express the gratitude on the upcoming development in the emerald sector its gratifying to see jobs being created for the people,” he said.

Mr Kalesha said the association had in the recent past seen Chinese and other investments and other investing in the sector.

Mr Kalesha said the proprietor of the mining firm Mr Abdoulaye Ndiaye’s initiative was commendable as it has improved the well being of the Zambians.

He said since cautioned the Government against giving licenses to the foreigners would had no capacity to development but had intention of selling.

Mr kalesha said government should therefore encourage and work with companies like Pridegem to develop the emerald sector in Zambia.

“The locals now have decent jobs through the mines initiative to help mines build descent houses buy agriculture inputs and have access to clean water,”

“When the republican President is calling for job creation for the Zambians, that’s what we need to see local people benefiting and as an association, we are advocating to meet the President so that we map out the strategy to develop the emerald sector that far seems neglected but seems to having a light at the end of the tunnel,” he said. 

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