Love or Money – African American romance novel

“Love or Money” by Chanel Monay
Monique, the heroine of Chanel Monay’s “Love or Money”, knows how to get what she wants – often from married men.

For Dominique, money is everything. She is five feet nine inches tall, has perfect legs, and perfect measurements. Her hair is perfect, her style is perfect, and she knows how to get the attention of all men in the room. She knows the effect she has, and she uses it to get what she wants. She believes in money, but not in love. No man would ever change this. She seeks out wealthy men, often already attached, usually married. She plays with them, uses them, and discards them at will. To her, everything is as it should be until she meets someone who might actually have the power to turn her world upside down.

The romance novel “Love or Money” by Chanel Monay is the story of a strong, independent woman taking her independence a little too far who will soon have to pay the price for it. While readers may not agree with the heroine’s chose lifestyle, the flawless writing draws them in nevertheless – and they somehow end up liking Dominique with all her flaws. When she starts to play with fire and takes the game to a whole new level, readers are kept on the edge of their seats, wondering whether Dominique will come out on top – or not.

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