‘Kurt Reason Jr. & the Dinosaurium’ is an Exciting Animated Children’s Show Launching in the U.K.

As a veteran of film and visual effects industry, and one of those who were involved in Guardians of the Galaxy (which is considered to be the most popular film of Summer 2014), David Cowles-Brooks has long had a desire to create a children’s animated adventure in the vein of “Indiana Jones” or “Jurassic Park.”  His passion project entitled ‘Kurt Reason Jr. & the Dinosaurium’ will feature exciting adventures that are family and kid friendly. This serial 3-D animation show will also promote important social issues like environmentalism and caring for family, as well as introduce viewers to prehistoric creatures.

David is currently in the process of producing the pilot episode which will hopefully secure a schedule on broadcast television in the U.K.  ‘Kurt Reason Jr. & the Dinosaurium’ will follow the adventures of teenager Kurt Reason Jr. and his grandfather as they manage a Dinosaurium, which will re-create prehistoric ecosystems in modern day. Young Kurt will travel back millions of years to rescue dinosaurs and bring them back to the present.  A third female character will be based on the input of a lucky Kickstarter supporter.  Five additional Kickstarter backers will also determine which dinosaurs will be featured on the show.

The pilot episode will cost £27,000 to produce. In order to raise the funds to make ‘Kurt Reason Jr. & the Dinosaurium’ David Cowles-Brooks has sponsored a Kickstarter campaign. In return for your generous support of this important project, you may receive perks like access to the six behind-the-scenes webisodes chronicling the making of the show, signed print art, pilot DVD, show credits, dinosaur figurines, or character/dinosaur design input.

To learn more about ‘Kurt Reason Jr. & the Dinosaurium’ or to make a financial pledge, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/919622223/kurt-reason-jr-and-the-dinosaurium

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Company Name: Kurt Reason Jr & the Dinosaurium
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Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/919622223/kurt-reason-jr-and-the-dinosaurium