The Timeless Tradition that Captures any Beautiful Memory

Mumbles – Joining together with friends and family for any occasion is a celebration in and of itself. People may join together for birthdays and holidays but the truly exciting gatherings are those based in love. The cheer and excitement brought on by an event such as a wedding light up the hearts of everyone in attendance. From the glamorous gowns, to the twinkling lights and champagne, weddings are a beautiful time. Even the anniversaries year after year are something to look forward to. What better way to remember these special days than with keepsakes? The Lovespoons Gallery does just that. They have been crafting Welsh love spoons for over twenty-five years.

The Welsh custom dates back to the sixteenth century. They were used to court loved ones, similar to bringing someone flowers. This enchanting tradition has brought warm feelings of love and happiness to those gifted for many years. These precious tokens of memory are not exclusive to weddings alone. People use them as gifts for the birth of a baby, Mother’s Day, or even the purchase of a new home. There is no end to the celebrations these can be given for. The Lovespoon Gallery is the only place in the world dedicated to lovespoons, and it has been around since 1987. There is no other place to go with such a wide selection. With over three hundred unique designs, there is bound to be something for any occasion.

There are multiple carvers that provide lovespoons for this gallery, spicing up the different artwork available. Their website,, has all of the research necessary to find the Welsh love spoon for any desired gift. The attention to detail can be seen in the photos available on the website. Scrolling through the collections can give anyone an idea of what kind of lovespoon that would perfect for their loved one. There are several collections and a group of wedding favors that can be viewed. The fascinating thing about these love spoons is that each one is made of one piece of wood. The design is intended to look as though separate pieces of wood were needed to create the love spoon.

These hand crafted trinkets are available to order online for anyone who isn’t local to Wales. Visitors to the shop are also welcome.

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