Champagne Glazing Transformation Makes Homes Modern with Glass for Any Room

Pooraka – Owning a home is an exciting thing to experience. In addition to that, renovating and customising a new house can be the ultimate project. With so many bases to cover, it might be hard to figure out what to tackle first. One aspect to consider is the general look of a home. For a fresh and modern environment, adding glass to a home in places where it isn’t as common can add a nice touch. Aside from typical sliding glass doors and windows, glass can be used as shower screens, kitchen backsplashes, and mirrors. The company Champagne Glazing Transformations is an Australia based company that uses Australian made glass to add a nice finish to any house and is transforming spaces all over Pooraka.

When it comes to the pre-existing mirrors in a recently purchased home, they may not be up to par with the owner’s standards. Champagne Glazing will create custom mirrors for any room, in any shape and size. Their mirrors can come without a frame and are sure to meet the owner’s vision. Their products are made to last and are tested to reach the high standards set by the Australian market.

They can install a shower that fits any budget and bathroom size, and they will work with the buyer to explain what will function well within their home and develop a plan to move forward. Their shower screens come in framed, semi-framed as well as frameless options. The company also provides bathroom accessories, like towel rails and glass shelves. Further, the sliding doors that they manufacture are frosted, to provide more privacy in the home. This feature can update any space with a dash of sophistication and class.

Champagne Glazing Transformations can also bring fun and safety together outdoors. They offer glass pool fencing to create a barrier between guests and the water. This is an excellent safety measure for homeowners to consider if they have children or pets. This option allows there to not only be a wall keeping everyone safe, but a completely see through one that provides a clear viewing point outside. Knowing everyone is safe while also being able to keep an eye on the backyard offers a versatile solution for homeowners.

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