The Importance of Having Anti-Glare Coating and Anti-Reflective Treatment for Your Prescription Glasses for Computer

Although technological innovations are increasingly making life simpler and comfortable, there are quite a number of downsides that come with the gadgets and devices that now form an integral extension of our daily activities. Apart from the effects of radiation associated with some devices, there are other health issues that impact distinct aspects of our senses.

Eye Strain

The most obvious though ignored disadvantage things like tablets, smartphones and laptops have on our health in the long term, according to the American Optometric Association, is impaired sight. When we spend almost all our active hours working with the gadgets, we cannot fail to notice that after prolonged use, the bright emissions from the screens cause our eyes to be strained. Some symptoms of eye strain that we regard as normal include headaches, burning or tired eyes,

and blurred vision.

If you spend most of your working hours on any type of digital screen, which we all do in varying ways, and you start to experience any of the signs mentioned above, it is important to search for solutions such as Felix Gray to prevent and ease the strain.

Anti-glare Coating for Your Lenses

One of the most immediate recommendations your optometrist will give you is the need to add an anti-glare or anti-reflective coating, as you can see here, to your glasses. The primary function of anti-glare treatment is to enable more light to pass through your prescription lenses by eliminating glare. There are many reasons why reducing glare is beneficial to your sight such as:

  • Anti-glare treatment effectively eliminates all reflections that others might see on your lens’s surface.

  • When you are using a computer screen, the anti-glare coating greatly reduces the amount of glare emitted from the screen.

  • When you are driving at night, the reflections from lights along the road are also reduced.

  • The same applies to the reflections from the fluorescent indoor lighting.

  • The anti-reflective treatment will also help to resist oil, water, and fingerprints or repel dust, making it easy to clean your lenses.

Working from Your Laptop

The primary means of working comfortably from your laptop is to adjust the screen so that it is in a good position with your eye line. You can also adjust the setting of brightness, apart from taking the precautions of giving your eyes a break by focusing on something else in the distance from time to time. To reduce glare, it is recommended that for prolonged computer usage and night driving, you should use Premium Anti-Reflective Coating. Since the coating is done in varying layers, it is good for blocking reflected light. Sometimes the anti-glare coatings have a tint of purple or green coloring due to the effect of layering.

So never take the bright emissions from any gadget you frequently use for granted when you notice signs of eye straining. Take immediate action and see your optometrist for expert opinion before you begin losing your sight.

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