Futuristic Kitchen Technology You Can Get Excited About

If you have ever watched an episode of Star Trek and wished you too had a replicator in your kitchen, or seen the movie Back to the Future 2 and hoped a pizza made from a food hydrator would someday be a reality, get excited because gadgets like these are closer than ever to being real products. Not only is technology creeping into every aspect of our businesses, homes, and even vehicles, but it’s aiming to enhance every detail of our cooking experiences as well. Below are several products on the market, or soon to be on the market, consumers can look forward to being commonplace in the not-so-far future.


3-D Food Printers

Already being tested in restaurants and grocery stores alike, 3-D printers may soon outsource our meal preparation from chefs to machines. These types of 3-D printers use fresh ingredients, with only a small amount of preparation required by the user, and prints out the meal the user programmed it to make. Although this technology is still in the developing stages, the plates that have prepared by 3-D printers have been anything but boring. From edible flower pot desserts to savory dishes with ornate potato or pasta framing, consumers may not even want to ruin the edible artwork by digging in. Natural Machines in one of the companies in the process of fine-tuning their version of the 3-D food printer, the Foodini, hoping to make it available to the greater public soon.

Temperature Controlled Mugs

Inventor, entrepreneur, and pioneer of the technology inspired drinkware world, Clay Alexander, has turned the travel mug market upside down with his invention of the temperature controlled Ember Mug. This mug takes thermal science to a whole new level by allowing users to preset the desired optimal temperature for their beverage of choice and it will keep it at that temperature all day, or until the mug needs to be recharged. Clay Alexander was frustrated by the fact that food always seems to cool down before fully enjoying it, so he set out to solve that problem. To get more information about this revolutionary product, visit the Ember website.

Apps for Everything

From farm to table, people can use apps for just about every step along their food’s journey to their bellies. Farmers have been using programmed sensors to monitor soil and hydration data to better their crop-growing efficiency for years now, and dieters have been utilizing apps to track their caloric and nutrient intake, but apps like Love Food Hate Waste approach food from a different perspective. This non-profit company aims to reduce home food waste in half by 2025 with the assistance of their app. Users can plug in ingredients and match their soon-to-be expired left-over food products to inspired recipes they may not have considered before tossing them in the trash. Even if at-home chefs can’t afford the latest and greatest gadgets, they certainly can’t afford not to have a few great kitchen apps at their disposal.

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