How to Find Student Housing When You’re Out of State

Long gone are the days when apartment-searchers would drive around neighborhoods close to their schools looking for “for rent” signs in windows of the housing nearby. Thanks to the internet, many students can search the surrounding area using various rental websites and find the perfect place to live before they even drive or fly into town. Renting can be much cheaper than on-campus housing, but many out-of-state students rely on their school to provide their housing out of convenience. Read on below to learn how you can find quality rentals for the school year when you live out-of-state.

Utilize the Internet

There are many different websites helping renters find housing near their schools. Most of these sites allow renters to narrow down the options by price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the distance from campus the renter prefers to stay within. Some websites are open to all types of renters, so you may end up living next to a family or even somebody who likes to play their guitar when you’re trying to study. However, some properties are strictly for students attending a specific university. This is one difference to note when narrowing down your list of potential rentals. Other websites, like LoftSmart, allow students to find nearby housing by simply clicking on their school and viewing the associated map. This website also allows potential residents to chat with the leasing office managers about the specifics of each location. For renters wanting additional reading on UT Austin apartments, follow the link.

Check Credentials

If you’re coming from out-of-state, you may not have a chance to view the apartment you will be renting before signing the lease. One way to ensure you’re renting from a reputable property is to check their credentials. Are they members of the National Apartment Association? Do they have a high rating on Google and/or Yelp? Do you know someone who lived there last year who either loved or hated it? These factors will help you feel confident you are renting from a legitimate company and/or landlord.

Enlist Your Friends

If you still feel uneasy about signing a lease before seeing the property, have a friend or family member who lives nearby visit and take pictures for you. Give them a list of features and characteristics you are looking for and/or worried about so they know what information to relay back to you. Even if you can’t visit in person before move-in day, at least you can rest easy knowing someone you trust checked it out on your behalf.

Visit Properties Before the Summer

If it’s not your first year and you’re planning on returning for the next school year, plan ahead by visiting properties before you leave for the summer. Decide who your roommates will be and visit the locations with them so that everyone is on-board and agrees on a property before the hustle and bustle of the start of the school year. Some apartment buildings also have wait lists, so putting your name down months in advance will set you ahead of the curve once everyone else starts scrambling for student housing in August.

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