Key Trends and Predictions in Retail Banking 2017 Will Shape the Market

“MarketResearchReports.Biz/2017: Key Trends in Retail Banking”
The 2017: Key Trends in Retail Banking currently features a highly fragmented competitive landscape, according to a research report published by MarketResearchReports.Biz.

A recent intelligence study by MarketResearchReports.Biz suggests that the ​Retail Banking is largely fragmented, though a few companies do hold slightly dominant position via diverse product portfolio and geographical reach.

​Several trends will drive developments in retail banking in 2017, including factors as diverse as changes to the regulatory environment, the emergence of artificial intelligence, and the long-awaited entry of new mobile-only providers.

Key Findings

– The UK and the EU will be at the forefront of moves to practically apply the principles of open banking in 2017, spurred on by regulatory demands. The focus in 2017 will be primarily behind the scenes: banks will collaborate to establish standards and protocols on security, data protection, and accountability.
– While open APIs will facilitate access to the additional data needed to provide high-quality data-led insight, it is through AI that such analysis will be provided. From the consumer perspective, AI will manifest itself through the medium of chatbots.
– Fintech will come under increasing scrutiny from global regulators in 2017, with two key objectives in mind: keeping on top of new innovations and encouraging the emergence of new entrants.

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The retail banking market has been comprehensively detailed in the report with special focus on a range of key elements such as market share, forecast and base figures, CAGR, driving factors, growth restraints, and business opportunities. Buyers of the report are expected to be informed about significant improvements in the market and its future outlook. This could help them to take intelligent decisions when operating in the business. In terms of segmentation, the report has exclusively segregated the market to identify growth opportunities in different segments and caution players about those with dwindling growth.

In respect of competition, the global retail banking market has been elaborately studied with several leading players profiled in one of the most thorough and near-accurate manners. Each player operating in the retail banking industry could be analyzed with the help of this report based on its competitors, future growth plans, market share, and recent developments. This is anticipated to help readers gain a decisive insight of the competitive landscape so they could modify their current business strategies or formulate new ones to strengthen their position in the market.

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GlobalDatas 2017: Key Trends in Retail Banking identifies six key trends that will shape the retail banking market in 2017, to which providers will need to respond and adapt.

The report offers insight into:
– The likely impact of competitive, regulatory, and technological developments on the retail banking industry in 2017.
– Which providers are making the most headway in responding to, and taking advantage, of these trends.
– What actions you need to undertake to exploit these trends and stay ahead of your competitors.

– Identify the most important trends that will affect retail banking in 2017.
– Assess the impact of competitive, consumer, and technological developments on the retail banking industry.
– Learn what actions you need to undertake to exploit these trends and stay ahead of your competitors.

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