Infinium Works launches workout supplements for athletes and gym goers

Infinium Works is a leading provider of workout supplements for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. The brand has introduced three new health supplements namely Lean, Vitality and Pump to fulfill the different needs of gym goers and athletes.

Lean is the newly launched fat burner by the brand that is developed majorly using natural ingredients and no harmful additives or fillers. It is being called as the revolutionary new weight loss matrix supplement that contains the goodness of Guarana, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Cayenne Pepper. Guarana is well-known for its energizing properties, however; it also helps in suppressing hunger for weight loss. The other two ingredients are proven to prevent fat accumulation into the body and offer fat burning properties. This supplement boosts metabolism, enhances energy levels and induces fat burning for weight loss. “After having a baby 7 months ago, weight loss was a struggle. I found this product through Facebook and thought to give it a shot! Wow, I was impressed within a week’s time. I saw noticeable changes. I would recommend Lean to anyone!”, says one user. The product is available for $29.99 on the website.

While Lean helps in dealing with weight loss issues, the supplement Pump helps to develop and build muscle, improve endurance and aid fat loss. This supplement is designed for those working out to build the body of their dreams and seeking faster results. It helps the user to increase muscle mass, hormone levels and general strength for working out. It also speeds up muscle recovery after a workout and increases stamina. The Creatine complex ingredient in the product has performance enhancing and neuroprotective properties. This substance also increases the water content in muscles, thus boosting the size of the muscles in a healthy way.

The product ‘Vitality’ by Infinium Works is a boom for increasing libido, muscle power, and stamina. The major ingredients used in the supplement are Tongkat Ali Root, a therapeutic herb that promotes healthy libido and hormone levels, the Maca Root, that helps in muscle building, stimulating healthy hormone balance, improving endurance & energy levels and the Eleutherococcussenticous root to combat fatigue and improve physical performance during heavy workouts.

Infinium Works is soon going to launch the pre-workout supplement, Work. With an aim to develop supplements engineered using the best combination of science and nature, the brand is committed to providing high quality and effective supplements for athletes and all fitness enthusiasts. More information is available at

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