‘President Trump, May I ask you a question’ is the Must Read Book of 2017 where “We the People” question the president.

GARFIELD HTS, OH – 23 Aug, 2017 – President Donald J. Trump has demonstrated over and over how far he is willing to go to control the narrative around the performance of his presidency and administration for consumption by the American people.Take this journey with the American people through this first ever of its kind book of questions with over 100 thought provoking images and over 500 questions that allows the reader to develop their own narrative.

This book is sure to be on the “required reading” list across college campuses and a “must read” for political, social media and news groups as an innovative way of engaging an audience of readers to experience a book through a journey of questions rather than a journey of narratives.

For the first time in book format readers will be able to assemble their own facts, thoughts, opinions, information and experience in a way that allows them to create their own narrative page after thought-provoking page which by default becomes to a degree unquestionable because it is the reader’s narrative.

Join millions of Americans on July 22, 2017 as they take the journey along with President Donald J. Trump through over 100 thought provoking images and more than 500 questions examining the performance of his presidency and administration in a first ever of its kind Book of Questions.

The American people have exhausted attempt after attempt to appeal to the compassion and decency in President Trump and his administration on key decisions like healthcare, immigration, border wall, global warming and living wage and encountered a brick wall at every turn.He has been effective in using his Brand (Trump), the Brand of office (President) and the strength of the party (Republican) to dominate and control the narrative communicated to the American people and conveniently dismiss requests for reconsideration.

Take the journey with us as we exercise our “We the People” voice in requesting that President Donald J. Trump confront the optics and questions that he has placed on the minds of many Americans.

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