Top 50 iTunes Podcast Explains Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency to the Masses

DENVER, CO – 24 Aug, 2017 – A recent Twitter poll reveaks that the majority of people have only heard of Bitcoin in passing, if at all. And yet, the Cryptocurrency market has hit new highs with a $140 Billion market cap. Due to all the new curiosity surrounding crypto, Bitcoin and Blockchain, two marketers new to the space are demystifying the industry in a podcast that has instantly shot up to the top of the business and investing podcast charts.

The Bad Crypto Podcast: A show for the crypto-curious, is hosted by New York Times Best-Selling author Joel Comm and Travis Wright, author of Digital Sense and co-founder of social advertising agency, CCP.Digital. Documenting their own journey into the crypto world, the podcast available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio, YouTube and Soundcloud shares their findings with the audience in laymen’s terms.

“The podcast landscape is packed with NPR-style shows which are over the heads of the masses and other shows which seek to pump up various crypocurrencies mostly to the benefit of show hosts seeking to turn a profit,” said Joel Comm, a New York Times Best-Selling author and international keynote speaker. Comm continued, “The Bad Crypto Podcast combines cryptocurrency news and training with a healthy helping of self-deprication and entertainment. It’s ‘bad’ because Travis and I are learning as we go!”

The podcast was released to the public on July 18th and quickly rocketed to a high placement of the #9 most popular show in the world for the investing category on iTunes. The highly rated show reviews demonstrate that the show content and hosts are resonating with an audience desiring to understand the brave new Bitcoin world.

Early shows have covered topics such as “What the Heck is Bitcoin?”, “What’s in Your Crypto Wallet” and “Welcome to the Ethereum.” The podcast features three new episodes each week and is divided into news, training, interviews with industry people and commentary from Joel and Travis wrapped up in an easy-to-understand and entertaining format.

For more information, including media contacts and sponsorship opportunities for The Bad Crypto Podcast go to or call 708-885-9030.

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