Airwheel C8 Full Face Smart Motorcycle Helmet Fuels Riders Traveling

After introducing so many intelligent vehicles with various postures, Airwheel starts to get down to outdoor equipment. Airwheel smart helmet is all at the services of exercise enthusiasts with abundant functions. C8 racing helmet joins the big team of Airwheel and shows unique scientific and technical value.

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Since most loyal fans of Airwheel brand are mostly outdoor activity enthusiasts, Airwheel takes developing intelligent helmet as its obligation. Through sincere communication with the wide users, Airwheel welcomes the feedback. Given that the inconvenience of traditional helmets, DV and SRL etc., Airwheel developed C5 smart helmet. From the investigation of C5, we find that the high-definition camera and Bluetooth are well received and C8 inherits such features.

C8 full face helmet

Photographing is the recording and sharing for the frames reflected in sports and this is a very normal way. Airwheel C8 allocates high definition camera, flexible sensor and powerful host system on the traditional helmet and then sports photographing will never be a hard thing. C8 brings great convenience for head care, video or pictures taking. C8 helmet heads up display will give you by playing sports music through the inside Bluetooth baffle box and high quality speaker. Call button and concealed Bluetooth earphones makes C8 to be available for one key to answer the calls.

C8 racing helmet

Although the difference in exterior look between the traditional helmet and the C8 full face helmet is minute, the technology difference between the two is more elementary. It is made of strong plastic ABS, and has passed rigorous testing of extrusion, impact and high temperature to give rider maximum protection. It also upgrades the material and ventilating system. Based on the head type database, it realizes 3D modeling that can perfectly match the rider’s head. High density particles in one-time foam molding enjoy higher hardness and stronger shock absorption to protect head comprehensively. C8 aims to do a great favor for those who love outdoor exercises.

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Simply to say, C8 racing helmet is a multi-functional, scientific and technical riding helmet that gathers the practical uses of high-definition camera, Bluetooth play, intelligent monitor etc. and is also adaptable in Extreme sports activities such as rock climbing, skiing and parkour. In a word, C8 fuels your each travel.

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