New Teeth Dental Provides Patients With High Standard Dental Implant Service

Houston, TX For most people, their teeth are their crowning glory. It helps them flash their best smile in the company of friends. But, wearing their best smile is impossible if there is a missing front tooth. This is where Houston-based New Teeth Dental Solutions comes in. They help restore the natural and radiant smile of their customers.

One of the many services that New Teeth Dental Solutions offers is dental implants. They have dentists who are trained and knowledgeable in performing dental implants effectively and safely. Customers are assured of getting the best treatment at the best cost. “We have so many patients whose personality just blossoms after they have a little work done,” says Dr. Elliott. “Improving the appearance of gaps, discolored and chipped teeth, gummy smiles, and many other undesirables, brings our patients, and us, great joy. It can often be done in a relatively short period of time. The best part is that once you have that beautiful smile, it can last a lifetime.”

The company was established by Dr. Jay Elliott, DDS, whose main goal was to help people smile naturally and become more confident in doing their natural activities, such as talking and laughing. But the service does not stop there. At New Teeth Dental Solutions, dentists devote their time in ensuring that each patient is given proper self-care instructions to ensure a long term and successful outcome once the procedure is completed. For more than 30 years, Dr. Elliott has engaged in the practice of providing a full-service dental office. He, together with the other dentists, in New Teeth Dental Solutions are AAID accredited dentists. This is the highest level of competency that a dentist can achieve. Gaining such credential is proof of the training, skills, and experience of the dentist.

New Teeth Dental Solutions is geared towards providing patients with dental care that is of the highest standards. They utilize the most current and state-of-the art technology to help patients get back their winning smile. Patients will receive a personalized treatment from dentists after carefully diagnosing their dental health in Houston. Dr. Elliott completed a three-year residency at Loma Linda University Dental School with over 3 decades worth of experience in general dentistry. All the other dentists at New Teeth Dental Solutions obtained the highest level of accreditation and pursued continuing education to update themselves with the latest trends in the field of dentistry. Patients can look forward to a free no-obligation initial consultation so dentists can evaluate them as well as address all their questions regarding the procedure. For Dr. Elliott and his colleagues at New Teeth Dental Solutions, nothing is more rewarding than seeing their patients being able to smile more naturally and eat all kinds of food.

For more details, New Teeth Dental Solutions is located at 4005 Broadway St, Houston, TX 77087. Their website,, provides additional information as well. They can also be reached via phone at (713) 644-4331 or via email at

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Company Name: New Teeth Dental Solutions
Contact Person: Jay Elliott, D.D.S.
Phone: (713) 644-4331
Address:4005 Broadway St
City: Houston
State: Texas
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