April Leonie Lindevald’s Fantasy Debut Calls out Non-violence in Achieving Peace, earns praises from book critics

A story of magic, hope, and second chances, filled with unexpected adventures, and love that can move mountains

She  loves fantasy fiction, but was concerned that often the good guys vanquish the bad guys with swords and axes – are we teaching the next generation that violence is the only solution to conflict? This thought-provoking question has led her to pen a story that has garnered good feedback on Amazon, Goodreads, and even from the Kirkus reviewers.

April Leonie Lindevald republished the re-designed version of her fantasy debut, The Last Wizard of Eneri Clare, under Toplink Publishing/Marketing firm.  The story follows the journey of the protagonist Tvrdik, who is traumatized by a tragic accident at the wizardry school where he is a student. Tvrdik leaves and finds solace in the solitude of the ancient forest. But his fleeting peace is shattered when his old master shows up to recruit him for a classic battle of good versus evil. As the future is at stake, he decides to join the fight, and choose what truly matters over his fears and self-doubts..

Getting 5 stars among the 23 reviewers on Amazon, Lindevald provides a compelling read. Heidi Y.L. applauds, “it is a literary equivalent to a quilt sewn with carefully chosen swaths.” Maria L. Fernandez shares, “This book is memorable and makes you want to know what more adventures these impressive characters might have. I am looking forward to a sequel.” On Goodreads, Caroline expresses her amazement on the characters’ depth and plausibility, “I love how developed the characters are, and that the women are both strong and sweet instead of being one-dimensional.”

Kirkus,the world’s toughest book critic, states, “In her uplifting debut, Lindevald mixes traditional fantasy elements—such as dragons, unicorns, and water sprites—to gleeful effect. She cleverly abstains, however, from using a straightforward prophecy to whip the plot along. A fabulous debut that proves epic fantasy doesn’t need excessive violence to succeed.”

Lindevald explains to the readers that violence is not always the best way to end the fight, “I set out to write a story where my protagonists were forbidden to go the route of deadly acts and bloody scenes, and once I began, they all came and started talking in my head, telling me what to put down!  The Last Wizard of Eneri Clare is their adventure…”.

April Leonie Lindevald

The Last Wizard of Eneri Clare

Book is available on Toplink Publishing,  Amazon, Bookshout Store, idefix.com, and other major resellers

More information is available at http://www.aprillindevald.com

About the Author

April Leonie Lindevald has led an adventurous life as a classically-trained singer, recording and touring with the Grammy Award-winning Gregg Smith Singers, and appearing for many years with the renowned New York City Opera. She is also a busy intuitive counselor and author of the column “Creating A Magical Life.” She has released an album of her original inspirational songs. Lindevald is a lifelong spiritual seeker. She resides on Long Island with her educator husband, Brian Abrams, and their dogs, Max and Cookie. “The Last Wizard of Eneri Clare” is her first book.

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