‘Enter the Reveries’ Transforms the Mobile Game into Interactive Art

New York, NY – Art and gaming have a fascinating connection, though not all games reach their true artistic potential. The soon-to-be-released mobile app game, ‘Enter the Reveries’, promises to transform how the world perceives the artistic merit of video games.

‘Enter the Reveries’ is a groundbreaking new mobile game by indie gaming company, Seagull Fish Entertainment. It brings together some exceptionally created artwork in touch with the tactile and strategic world of gaming, with the help of eight Clumsies, clown characters who must escape from the growing plague of sadness and melancholy infecting Clowntown.

‘Enter the Reveries’ is a side scrolling game, three years in the making featuring artwork by a single artist, Gary Adrian Randall. The characters are dynamic, with various powerful alter egos called ‘Reveries’.

‘Enter the Reveries’ is also a new genre of mobile game. It is like a living, breathing painting; a work of interactive art. The terrain’s eight districts are hand-illustrated in different art styles; pixel graphics, paper doll art, textures, vector graphics, comic book art and watercolor are just some of the many artistic ingredients that go into making it a groundbreaking, artistic mobile game.

On the scoring side, there are 120+ Clowncards to collect, an in-depth narrative that sucks players in, plenty of mythology, and enchanting characters to either drool over, or fear.

“My whole life I’ve dreamed of being able to share my art with the world; mobile gaming is the perfect way to do this because it allows me to get my art into the hands of anyone with a mobile phone, for free,” says Gary Randall, Chief Creative Officer.

Seagull Fish Entertainment is not merely about mobile gaming, but building the future of art itself through the medium of gaming. It is about an interactive artistic experience like no other. The company is LGBT owned and operated, and believes in equality for all #America.

‘Enter the Reveries’ invites funding on its Kickstarter page, and perks include donor’s name in the game, signed art from the game, and even the donor’s own character as part of the game.

For more information, please visit: https://www.enterthereveries.com and https://www.seagullfishentertainment.com/

On Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/themidnightgrindshow/enter-the-reveries-mobile-game

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