24 August, 2017 – Qwes Kross, an Icon in the music industry who is already known for evoking high flying deeds with his amazing touch of professionalism in music is set to take over the wheels of the music industry as he proudly announces the release of his latest single EDRM and is now available on Spotify via https://open.spotify.com/album/4PHDzfz5AKb1FJHY285lg3. Qwes who was born and bred in the New York not only have passion for music but is also a traveler who expresses his philosophy for fashion and style as he has established Qwes Kross Couture.

“The project is a good record, letting people know what EDRM is exactly about. I took my time to record EDRM in Germany and that gave me a true inner feeling and tap into what’s to come. It feels good to be the pioneer of a great change within the music industry and know that where I am now is where I have always dreamt of and wanted to be. Streaming is the future and I’m super happy to be a part of the streaming generation,” said Qwes Kross.

Qwes Kross is an award winning recording artist, a producer and is joined by production from Sess Bass and Anthony Vatero. From the opening synthesizer synth to the closing of EDRM, he took the music that was once and morphed it into what Qwes Kross dubs version of electric dance rap music.

The original track though was from the remix thoughts child of Sess Bass from New York and the reprise featured the extraordinary producer Anthony Vatero from Italy. Qwes echoes his applaud to his co stars Sess Bass and others because the guys are simply awesome.

In the same vein, Qwes collaborates with fashion designers, independent filmmakers and photographers all around the world as he interprets himself not just through music but also through textiles, colors, light and the connection between cultures in different time and spaces.

For more detailed information about Qwes Kross, please visit www.qweskrosscouture.com

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