PC Agent Offers Help For Monitoring Computer Functions

Hong Kong – August 24, 2017 – The need to monitor what is happening on a computer can be critical in a variety of places. It can be important in an office or in a kid’s room. It can especially be a necessity in schools as a means of ensuring such places are safe areas for learning. Blue Series has introduced a new surveillance software program called PC Agent that helps with identifying all sorts of things that can happen on one’s computer.

PC Agent works in the background without anyone noticing it. The program monitors keystrokes and bits of data like the sites someone visits while online. Regular screenshots that show the content being searched for online are also produced by the program on a regular basis. Even mouse clicks and information on what is added into text input fields can be recorded by the program.

Information on online connections, print tasks and cases where data is moved from one drive to another are covered by the program. PC Agent also works on laptops by identifying the power usage that comes with individual programs. This includes looking at times when the battery was charged for any reason.

Any computer or other device that has a GPS receiver can also be analyzed by PC Agent. The program reviews GPS data at a given time.

The records that are gathered by PC Agent will be sent to one’s computer or other account in one of many ways. It can be sent through an email or through an FTP account. Recorded information can be forwarded including emails that might have been produced in the process. This support offers a good system that makes it easier for people to get the most out of their connections.

It all works on computers that run Windows 2000 or later. A x86/x64 CPU or greater is also required for making this work.

PC Agent is currently available through Blue Series and 7tech Ltd. A free trial version can be downloaded from blue-series.com. A license key can also be ordered if the user is interesting in owning a copy of the program for regular use. A single license is available for $89.

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