First-Time Author Calls Out the Preservation of The Brazilian Rainforest and Stop deforestation

She saw the huge, ill effects of deforestation and felt the consequences of the global warming. As a  nature lover and a concerned citizen, this is the driving force behind her first novel.

Samantha Braga turns to writing as she affirms that this project is bigger than herself through her first  children’s book  fiction, Xavier and the Wild Land. Xavier And The Wild Land is a fiction about the animals at the Brazilian rain forest trying to save what men are destroying. Xavier, the macaw trained by Morjah, witnesses the destruction of the forest and their team has to fight against the envy entity that represents those who destroy the forest for the economical advancement, imprison the animals and their habitat or sell them for personal reasons. Will the good  side be triumphant or the bad elements rule the planet?

Samantha  wants to  show the kids through fiction what can happen if deforestation continues in the rain forests. Although she’s not an environmentalist, her heart is open and aware of what’s going on in the nature that is dying and abused by the hands of men. She says, “I’m very happy that I could turn creativity into a book that can be known around the world. It was very hard to write it without writing skills. It took me a long time. I had to have people helping me out which I’m very thankful. Hopefully, people will see the real reason what it is for.”

This book is beautifully illustrated along with its relevant message to target the children, libraries, schools and individuals at all ages.

Samantha Braga

Xavier and the Wild Land

Book Available  in electronic and printed format on Trafford Publishing, Amazon, Google Books, and more resellers

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About the author

Samantha Braga, a published author,  is  from Brazil. She was born in a small town called Manhumirim. She didn’t grow up there. Her mother was a housewife and her father was the only income provider raising four kids. She  moved to the US in 2000. She loved that she decided to stay. Later, she took some college in Graphic Design in Montgomery Community College PA. After one year into college, for personal reasons, she  decided to move to Florida in 2004. She has a small cleaning service in Pompano Beach, Florida that she still does for a living.

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