The Ultimate Online Platform That Helps Students Pick Their Right Grad School Has Arrived

The Website Has Been Launched As A Great News For All Those Who Want To Pick The Right Grad School In The United States

August 24, 2017 – has proudly announced that it is offering a one-stop solution for students to search for their perfect graduate school in the United States. The website is an ultimate repository to help users or students to search for a list of graduate schools based on specific programs and states in the USA. A lot of students find it hard to search for the right graduate school to continue their higher education but this simple, easy and free of cost resource will help them like never before.

“We have proudly launched this website to help the students and currently there are 13 courses listed but we are continually adding more each day,” said Raymond T, the Founder of while talking about the newly launched website. “Besides our own children, the website will also help international students that are aiming to get admission in American grad schools,” he added. According to Raymond, the website offers detailed information about the American universities or colleges based on specific programs and courses or even location.

In addition, the website not only helps students to browse schools, but they can also get a breakdown of them by state. This particular feature enables the students to search schools that are near their respective area. Moreover, the online platform also compiles guides and tips that are in relation to the course that they may be interested in.

“If you know of colleagues, friends and family who are looking to further pursue their studies, feel free to direct them to our website0,” said the Founder while announcing the launch of the website. “Helping more and more people pursue their education is our pride and joy and we do this by contributing to non-charity organizations for the purpose of enabling those in need fulfill their dream of getting educated. This comes from the amount of revenue we get from advertising spaces,” he added. According to Raymond, the inspiration behind this website is to help the students select the right place to study for their higher education because there are a lot of career counseling platforms online, but there is no website of this kind to help the students pick the right career path.

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