PoptopUK Limited Launched an AI to Help Concierges Find the Best Wedding Photographers

PoptopUK Limited, a concierge service that helps over 10,000 event planners a month, has tapped into AI development. Their new service utilizes the power of machine learning to help people find the best wedding photographers in the area.

The future is here and PoptopUK Limited is a concierge service that proves technological advances will continue changing the world. This company has taken a whole new outlook on AI (Artificial Intelligence) uses in business. Instead of using the robotic intellect to replace their concierges, they use it to augment their service. The result is their ability to help one find the best wedding photographers that meet specific bride requirements very fast.

How Does PoptopUK Limited AI Help One Find the Best Wedding Photographers?

From now on, PoptopUK Limited is using a variety of machine learning algorithms that help find a perfect match between brides and wedding photographers. The extensive experience from working with over 10,000 event planners monthly enabled them to develop a huge collection of data. The AI developed by the company utilizes this information to match the client and service provider based on:

  • Specific client requirements
  • Region
  • Event theme
  • Event description

The service has only been launched recently and currently boasts 60% success in finding perfect wedding photographers for events. According to PoptopUK, they will be able to improve the service and reach at least 80% accuracy over the next year.

The most interesting thing about this project is that PoptopUK isn’t using AI to replace their concierges. Therefore, it’s not actually a robot doing all the work when searching for this match.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/haR_I12vlms

Instead, AI helps develop the wedding photographer list that concierges rely on to find the best wedding photographers for every unique order. This means that the company doesn’t strive to leave actual professional concierges out of a job and replace them with an AI. PoptopUK shows the potential of collaboration between the human and machine.

This partnership is extremely beneficial for every member of the event planning process. Clients get to find service and supply providers that meet their requirements perfectly. Even planners can find best matches for their clients faster and thus provide them with an overall better customer experience. The concierge service itself gets to benefit from increased speed of search and higher rate of successful matches. Most importantly, the time that concierges save by entrusting research to an AI can be spent on professional development.

More Facts About PoptopUK Limited

PoptopUK Limited has been founded in 2014 and it has already managed to develop an extensive customer base. The concierge service from Newcastle-upon-Tyne currently helps over 10,000 even planners in a month. PoptopUK allows various event suppliers get about £250,000 monthly profit through the bookings arranged by their concierges.

Media Contact
Company Name: PoptopUK Limited
Contact Person: Eugene Shestopal (CEO)
Email: eugene@poptop.uk.com
Address:Campus North, 5 Carliol Square
City: Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6UF
Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.poptop.uk.com