14 Young Africans Successfully Launch Job Arena Financed by WealthBankers

WealthBankers have launched an online job board on their website called the Job Arena. The platform was created by a group of 14 young Africans in two months. Interestingly, 4 out of the 14 are siblings with a shared passion. The project was financed by WealthBankers.

WealthBankers launched the Job Arena in West Africa. The WealthBankers Job Arena was created by a group of 14 young Africans looking to make a change on the continent. The group started this project as a means to tackle the problem of unemployment on the African continent.

“We wanted to change the African story and present Africa in the light of its budding youth who are full of potentials and yearn for such opportunities to show their capabilities. We wanted to be known as one who magnifies and encourages the large African youthful populace to achieve more and aim higher.”
16 yr-old Jane Love (Team Exhort’s youngest member)

The project initially started with several challenges such as limited finances and resources. After seeing the potential of the project, WealthBankers provided the team with all the funding necessary to get the project up and running. With funding now available, the team was able to complete the project in two months. The 14 individuals behind this project are from Ghana and Nigeria.

The WealthBankers Job Arena is an online job board created to unite africa’s employers and potential employees. It is currently available in 19 English speaking African countries with more countries expected to join in the coming months.

Already, there are more than 500 jobs currently posted on the WealthBankers Job Arena from over 200 reputable companies worldwide. More jobs are added on a daily basis for all 19 countries on the Job Arena platform. Job seekers can use the WealthBankers Job Arena job portal to find their ideal job and are not required to pay to use the platform.

Job seekers are encouraged to attach their resumes to their profiles. This is to enable employers, who wish to headhunt to fill vacancies, to seek out the best candidates even before applications are made. A budget friendly amount of $15 USD is required to post any job on the platform. Since its recent launch, job seekers have been signing up daily.

The platform’s great user-experience makes it simple and easy to use. Information has been properly organized so that users can find what they need with relative ease. And the active management of the platform ensures that all information on the site is up-to-date and secured.

About Wealth Bankers Job Arena

WealthBankers Job Arena is now a subsidiary of WealthBankers. WealthBankers is a member of Global Wealth Innovations’ network of about 20 companies. It is work in progress with a bigger and better dream that would impact so many lives in Africa and the world in general. The Job Arena is user friendly and has affordably priced job post features; unlike a number of job websites. Their major aim and objective is to become a one stop site for job search and advertisement for both employers and employees in Africa. Their vision is to facilitate the African market growth and develop a people of influence. 

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