Bill Bartman And His Team Takes The Indiegogo Route To Fund Their Barsideous Brewing Project

Bill Bartman and team announces launch of fundraising campaign on Indiegogo for their dream project, Barsideous Brewing.

Bill Bartman, brewing expert has announced that their fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo is live for their project Barsideous Brewing. It is a brewpub where people can gather to enjoy handcrafted beer and sumptuous food and have some wholesome entertainment as well. The aim is to create a gathering place where people can relax and have fun while having some great conversation with friends.

“Barsideous Brewing is a dream project that we have set our goals on to provide people a dream destination for relaxing and having fun while enjoying their favorite drink and food,” says Bill Bartman, the head brewer. “We have started remodeling the 100 years plus old Lebanon Gem Theater, the building with a fascinating history. When completed, Barsideous Brewing will act as a wonderful gathering place where people can have some great beer and food and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.”

Bill Bartman’s team includes software engineer Joel Bartman and construction managers, Aaron and Brian Franks. They are all highly skilled professionals with the expertise needed to address crucial aspects of the project.

They all grew up in Lebanon and moved to various parts of Oregon, but wanted to give back something of great value to their hometown. The idea of brewpubs is a common one in the US and many communities have implemented it successfully.

Bill Bartman and associated have designed the concept of Barsideous Brewing on the same lines. It will be a nice gathering place that offers handcrafted beer, hearty food and wholesome entertainment. The atmosphere will be perfect for starting some wonderful conversions.

The Lebanon Gem Theater has a fascinating history dating back to before 1910 when it offered live vaudeville entertainment and silent movies to patrons. Bill Bartman is aiming through this project to return the “Gem” to its original grandeur.  

The Lebanon Gem Theater has the pub and kitchen at the front, the small-batch brewing area in the middle while the back has remnants of what has been left of the theater over time. There is also a seating arrangement with a stage for karaoke, live music and entertainment, big screen movies and sports.

Bill Bartman says that realizing this grand dream would not be possible without finding a way to fund it. The Indiegogo fundraiser by the team has a flexible goal of $45,000. Sponsors and contributors can get some exciting perks and rewards according to their level of participation. The tentative date for opening of the Barsideous Brewing is October 2017 and the entire team is working towards achieving their goal within that deadline.

About Barsideous Brewing:

Barsideous Brewing is a dream project by head brewer Bill Bartman and his team of skilled professionals from diverse fields. They are planning to launch Barsidious Brewing on the lines of a brewpub to give back something of value to their hometown. They have identified the 100 plus year old Lebanon Gem Theater building for the purpose and will be attempting to return the theater to its original grandeur. The Indiegogo fundraiser will be attempting to garner $45000 for the purpose.

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