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PITTSBURGH, PA – 25 Aug, 2017 – When overviewing the efficiency and functionality of your company from a surface perspective, everything can appear to be running smoothly and effectively. However, sometimes the biggest threat to your company can be lurking just below the surface and preparing to strike. Those who conspire never do so in plain sight, and corporate espionage/employee theft is no different.

A strange thing about the 21st century workplace is that while we still commute to our offices every day, the majority of internal communication is still done online through email, instant messaging, text messaging and phone calls and not face to face. In order to help everyone be available and stay connected, companies may offer company owned cellphones and computers to its employees to ensure everyone can be plugged in and have access to necessary information. The catch to providing these devices to your employers is that most of the time these devices end up being used the same way as personal devices are and not for strictly business related relations. That means, when someone has a bad day and threatens their boss or another employee, they’ll do it through company property. When someone fails to abide by a confidentiality agreement or NDA and leak corporate secrets, they’ll do it through company property.

With that being said, when an issue does present itself and you, as a manager or owner, have to take action; what do you do? If you’re a company that distributes company devices, then investing in annual scheduling of Forensic Image Preservation on the company owned devices is an insurance policy that never expires. Having this data collected and analyzed on a scheduled basis, whether it be quarterly, annually, etc., can help provide piece of mind that the proper work is being done, communicated safely, effectively and that your workspace environment is in a healthy state.

Problems are going to arise. When you’re around someone for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, there are going to be problems. How you manage these problems and solve these problems can be the difference in the efficiency of the workplace and ultimately affect your bottom line in either a positive or a negative way. If you have a situation where you need to conduct Forensic Image Preservation, the following is a step-by-step process outlined by Cyber Forensic Experts from Empire Investigations LLC that YOU need to follow to ensure your security and positioning if legal steps need to be taken in order to protect yourself.

By having your company owned, employee issued, laptops and cell phones forensically imaged, you are virtually freezing your employee’s activities of the use of that device in time. If at any time, that employee becomes a target of suspicion for malicious activity, that image can be examined to either qualify the existence of your suspicions or exonerate that employee of the accusations. This could also relieve your company of legal liability and the cost of expensive litigation in defense of that employee.

It is recommended that images are created on an annual basis and unannounced to the employees.  But none the less, upon the termination of any employee, any company owned device should be immediately forensically imaged for the protection of the company’s liability.The devices should be given to an external entity, not an IT department, who is trained in the preservation of digital evidence. The device(s) should be immediately seized from the employee by management or security team of the company and locked in a secure area. These devices should NEVER be turned on after seizure from the employee. DO not allow anyone to make copies or access any of the devices. Doing so may destroy critical access dates and times in the system files needed as evidence at a future date.

By allowing a professional to forensically image the device, any evidence recovered can be used in a court of law if required and the images can be stored or examined at a later date for suspicious activity. Our forensic hardware and software are court acceptable throughout the world and our investigators are trained in the chain of custody and the proper preservation of digital evidence to make sure we help you collect and present the proof you need to solve your case and protect your business.

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