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Beverly Boy Productions crew on set with new UK client.
Beverly Boy Productions is a full service video production company with over 15 years of industry experience working with clients like MTV, Taco Bell, Disney, NBC, and ESPN. The company is announcing the expansion of their video production services to all over the United States and the UK.

By Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Miami, FL – With the explosion of video channels and Smartphone use came the growth of the video production industry. Companies like Beverly Boy Productions, who were there on the ground floor of this technological revolution, have had the incredible opportunity to witness the changes as they occurred and adapt their production techniques along with them. Working with companies like MTV, Taco Bell, or the Weather Channel to produce video ads and content marketing tools has helped Beverly Boy to develop their experience and grow a robust reputation in their field. They are now one of the most sought after video production firms in the US. The rise in demand for their services prompted the company to expand their operations from one US city to a global market.

“Video production is what we do,” says Tavares Beverly. “We work with everyone to develop their ads or content, whether they are a small business or large global firm. We’ll get calls from London to develop content in Boston and we’ll also have the neighborhood walk-in who wants to see his business grow in Los Angeles. We’re happy to have it all and this growth to become a world-wide service is something we’re extremely proud of.”

Beverly Boy Productions is a full service video production company with a focus on TV commercial production, Branded video content, corporate videos, convention video and more. The company has provided 15 years of service to clients with brands that are known and trusted worldwide, and with the UK expansion can now get crews on the ground, sometimes even same day, for clients who need not only expertise but reliability.

“Our specialty has become putting together multiple HD camera crews for our clients in multiple city’s, sometimes in the same day,” says Beverly. “We have had the opportunity to build strong relationships with trusted video production industry professionals across globe, and those relationships give our clients a leg up on logistical video production challenges. If our client in Australia has a corporate event in the UK and needs to video record multiple key people in London, Manchester, Dublin, and Bristol, they simply call Beverly Boy Productions, and we will put it all together.”

Beverly adds that so much of their work comes from referrals, something he is humbled by as it is a sign of “good work”. Beverly Boy states that they can film on anything from Canon C300, Sony FS7, or RED cameras to ARRI Alexa or Amina. They also provide grip trucks, craft service, Jib, Dolly, ENG and EFP style shooting, as well as, full post production utilizing Adobe premiere, and After effects, Final cut pro, and Maya. They are fully insured with workers compensation, and liability coverage, and offer live stream capabilities for conferences, and events.

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