Debuts Groundbreaking New Software to Help Forecast Market Trends — Leads With Helicopter Sector Report

MEE, Inc.’s Special Report On All Current Western Helicopter Models Offers Far More Accurate Pricing, Valuations, Sales Projections, Demand Curve Information

Los Angeles – Until now, no company has ever managed to obtain a complete grasp of the civil helicopter market.  Today, 77 current and emerging models of helicopters are manufactured in the West.  Yet, since manufacturers traditionally closely guard most all information about their products, when companies go to bid on helicopter products, it’s hard from them to know if these bids were just.

Manufacturers face similar problems.  If they price vehicles too high, they lose sales. If they price their products too low, they lose profits. Until now, there has never been a way to analyze helicopter features relative to their prices, quantities sold, and their competitive advantages.

Now however, through the debut of its revolutionary new software, and the “multi-dimensional,” and therefore more detailed and accurate analytical approach it takes,, (MEE, Inc.) has released a special report that for the first time in aviation history will enable companies to retrieve the vital missing pieces of historical information pertaining to all current helicopter vehicles for the past 12 years, including not only their specifications and sales, but enough data to understand their distribution by mission and model throughout the market and put these products’ value, demand, pricing, and full utility into actual real-world perspective.  

“Our database, delivered in Microsoft Excel, contains over 15,000 data items in it,” MEE, Inc. executive Doug Howarth proudly notes.  “Quite simply, we designed the software to provide businesses who subscribe to our service and use and our reports with a virtual tsunami of invaluable, practical, usable information that was previously considered tightly guarded as it’s pertained to direct operating costs, dozens of vehicle features, selected product development schedules, and much, much more.”

“This particular report further contains estimated vehicle prices as derived from their features up through January 1, 2014,” Howarth continues, “and spans eight helicopter mission areas – Utility, Foreign Military Sales (FMS) of civil helicopters, Corporate, Offshore energy, Search and Rescue (SAR)/Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Law Enforcement, News Reporting, and those custom built for Very, Very Important People (helicopters configured for heads of state).  Quite simply, there is nothing like this report or MEE’s software analytics out there – anywhere.”  

MEE, Inc.’s Special Report even contains helicopter delivery histories by model and mission for the past twelve years, as well as the helicopter industry’s production forecasts for the next ten years.  Virtually all of the data has reference citations.  

“We’re a growing business intelligence and market sector analysis service that has pioneered a unique means of analyzing and understanding market forces and trends through our proprietary mutli-dimensional software we’ve developed that can look at virtually any and all market sectors from highly nuanced but critically impactful standpoints,” Howarth amplifies. “Our unique, patent-pending software permits us to do this better, faster, cheaper, and more accurately than any other market analytics software tool on the market that I’m aware of. And because we’re able to analyze so many market sectors in-depth and so well, we continue to look to partners with firms in a wide variety of additional sectors to ultimately save companies vast sums of time, labor, money expended, and ultimately, minimize if not completely eradicate their investment strategy mistakes.”  

Notes Greg Kiviat, Manager of Sikorsky Aircraft, a United Technologies Company: “Doug Howarth and his team at MEE provided a unique and valuable perspective for several projects here at Sikorsky that helped senior management look at future concepts in an entirely new way. The team’s knowledge of our specific industry and the new tools they bring to the table adds depth to our analysis capability.”

Dr. Adam Dissel Civil Space – Advanced Programs at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company adds: “We were pleased to have partnered with MEE on a recent Government contract; our contract products greatly benefited from their expertise and background.  The contract effort was fast paced and variable and Lockheed Martin appreciated the flexibility and timely responses consistently provided by MEE.”

And Dave Baskett, President of International Emergency Services, observes: “MEE provided invaluable insight that we used to validate our market position to our client, using our client’s own data. They were quick to respond, thorough and compelling in their analyses and a fantastic addition to our team. We intend to use them again.“

MEE, Inc. seeks to partner with companies in a wide variety of market sectors.  Its CEO, Jack McCormack, founded American Honda, American Suzuki, American Eagle and the Napa Valley Wine Train and Railroad.

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