Enormous Brontosaurus Emerging From Extinction – in miniature!

“Tinysaur Brontosaurus”
EverythingTiny has created three new Tinysaur kits: Brontosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, and Fiji Mermaid. Tinysaurs are tiny skeleton kits that you assemble into a miniature museum specimen. EverythingTiny’s crowdfunding campaign runs until September 19th at 11 PM.

Designer Herb Hoover has created three new miniature bone kits, two dinosaurs and a fantastical creature, for you to assemble. Visit: http://kck.st/2vARz5h


Just because scientists didn’t believe in the brontosaurus for over a hundred years didn’t mean that it wasn’t a perennial favorite amongst kids. Luckily in 2015, scientist reexamined the bones and found that it wasn’t a misidentified apatosaurus – the brontosaurus is real again.


The Quetzalcoatlus is larger than a giraffe and scientists believe it could fly across the ocean without stopping – and had a beak large enough to pick up a human. In 2016, ornithologists observed birds sleeping in flight, so paleontologists believe the quetzalcoatlus could too.


EverythingTiny’s Fiji Mermaid is one of the designer’s personal favorites. It’s a mythical creature with a monkey head and torso and a fish body that conjures images of adventure,  discovery, and low-level taxidermy fraud on the high seas. The Zwaanendael Museum in Lewes Delaware has one of these sailor-made creatures.

Tinysaurs are skeleton kits that you assemble into a miniature museum specimen. Bare bones kits come with tiny laser cut bones and printed instructions. All-in-one kits have laser-cut bones, printed instructions, a glass display dome and wooden base, tweezers, glue, and a magnifier — everything needed to build the tiny skeleton. EverythingTiny.com also hosts 3D instructions that you can rotate and zoom in on.

EverythingTiny’s crowdfunding campaign will close on September 19th at 11 PM. They are busy creating  parts and assemble them into  kits to ensure on-time delivery of  Kickstarter rewards.

Tinysaurs and Everythingtiny have been around since 2008 – since that time have been working on making the dinosaurs more true to life (and making mythical creatures that aren’t like anything in life). With 21 kits and several add-ons, there is a tiny kit for everyone – no matter how small their house.

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