Personal Success Turns into Business Success with Muscle Up Meals

LOS ANGELES, CA – 28 Aug, 2017 – Achieving a healthier lifestyle is a process that needs to be taken one meal at a time. Contrary to what some internet personalities might try and make you believe; there is no overnight solution or magic pill that can give people the healthy body they want. Muscle Up Meals is a Los Angeles meal prep startup built by Adam and Efrain. They started their popular meal prep service after accomplishing weight loss and fitness goals of their own.

Adam lost 200 pounds in 14 months and Efrain lost 50 pounds as well. Both understood the importance of meal prepping when it comes to weight loss. As a gourmet chef, Efrain also understood that great tasting food is an important factor in successful meal planning. This knowledge and personal experience led to the creation of one of Los Angeles’ most popular meal delivery services. In fact, Muscle Up Meals has grown so rapidly that Adam and Efrain are planning to open their first retail location and expand nationwide.

Good food and good planning is the key to weight loss. Muscle Up Meals offers meal prep services to people who want to take charge of their life and their health. When the people of Los Angeles are able to count on Muscle Up Meals for their meal prep and meal delivery service, they can put more focus into the other aspects of their health including exercise and adequate rest. Muscle Up Meals takes the guesswork out of meal prep and puts people on the right track. Great tasting food that’s also good for you is the foundation of any good weight loss plan. It’s no wonder the company has found the kind of success that is allowing them to expand so quickly.


Muscle Up Meals began after co-founders Adam and Efrain both went through their own personal weight loss journeys. They discovered the importance of meal prepping when losing weight but also understood that busy people often don’t have the time to make a meal that tastes good and is also full of healthy ingredients. Now, Muscle Up Meals offers Los Angeles meal prep services as well as meal delivery services. The company has helped their customers achieve their goals and is now expanding to their first retail location with aims to also expand nationwide.

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