Tarzan Boat launches Indiegogo Campaign for Party Lovers in Florida!

Now Seeking Community Support via Indiegogo, The Project is aimed at Launching a Tarzan Boat in Clearwater Beach, Florida!

Tarzan Boat is an exciting new project that is raising funds on Indiegogo for the launch of an all new Tarzan party boat at the Clearwater Beach of Florida, United States. The project will simply launch a party boat in the waters of Florida’s exotic beach for the tourists and locals to provide them crazy amounts of fun and party.

The creator of this project is Cara Cooley, an American woman with a passion to help the people. She has worked as a dental assistant for the past 14 years but she also had a great passion for coastal life and beaches. Her goal with this campaign is to raise $11,000 and launch a boat like no other where people can enjoy partying and warm waters of the southern coast like never before.

“My passion is the ocean and I want to pursue this passion by launching a Tarzan Boat on Clearwater Beach, Florida.” Said Cara while introducing her project on Indiegogo. “The contributions will help push me toward the goal of meeting with the bank and being taken seriously.” She added.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at:

www.indiegogo.com/projects/tarzan-boat-beach-entertainment and supporters from around the world can help Cara in making her dream come true by making pledges of $250. As a reward to this pledge, she will not only give the backer a free one hour ride on this boat but will also place the banner of the backer on the boat.

About Tarzan Boat

Tarzan Boat is an inspiring initiative of a motivated American woman Cara Cooley as she aims to launch a boat for party and recreation in the Clearwater Beach of Florida. Cara is now welcoming everyone to help her in launching this boat and letting people have the time of their life in the ocean. To raise funds, she has launched an Indiegogo campaign and she is welcoming everyone to help and support her in making it happen.

Media Contact
Company Name: Tarzan Boat Clearwater
Contact Person: Cara Cooley
Email: caracooley@sbcglobal.net
Phone: (816)726-5065
City: Clearwater
State: Florida
Country: United States
Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/tarzan-boat-beach-entertainment